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ShiftDiff Launches Online Access to Local Jobs


By Staff –

Business owners Amorette and Raheem Miller were joined by Mayor Lovely A. Warren and local leaders to celebrate the launch of ShiftDiff, LLC; a job-search engine to connect local applicants with local employers.

To help make the job search process simpler for local job-seekers, the Millers developed an online solution focused on the Finger Lakes Region.  The interest of the website owners is to build community through employment.

The name ShiftDiff refers to the extra pay received by employees for working a late night or evening shift. This website is a tool to support the efforts of those who need to focus on local job opportunities.

“I am happy to welcome Amorette and Raheem Miller and ShiftDiff to the Rochester job market,” stated Mayor Warren. “As we strive to create more jobs in our region, we must bridge the gap between employment opportunities and job candidates, and that’s what ShiftDiff is here to do. Amorette and Raheem understand the local job market and where it is headed, so they’re in a great position to help their clients tap into that market.”

The City provided a $5,000 small business matching grant to the firm.

“We understand that employees help an organization succeed and grow, and we’re there from the beginning to help nurture this relationship,” said Amorette. Mrs. Miller is a labor advocate and former labor relations manager who genuinely cares about the experiences people have at work. She previously owned a small clothing company in her 20s, and is seeing her career come full circle. She strives to provide a strong support network for job-seekers of every level, from youth to seasoned professional.

As a charter school administrator and coach, Raheem has worked with city youth as a mentor and counselor. “If we do not make the job search easy, then our graduates will lose out on opportunities,” he said. Additionally, he cares about the future of Rochester’s young men and women

Applicants have several options on the website; upload a resume, view job listings, obtain expert advice and trade tips to help job seekers with the application and interview process from The Lunch Break blog. Additionally, information on upcoming training events and job fairs is also posted on the blog.

ShiftDiff office is located at 30 N. Union St. For more information visit