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Something to Think About: What Do Blacks Want?

Rev. Michael Vaughn, Sr. Pastor, New Wineskin Church

Op Ed By Rev. Michael Vaughn –

The title of my column is called, “Something to Think About” and what I have to share with you this week, prayerfully, will cause some thought to occur. BTW, we are now on the radio each Tuesday at 8pm. You can catch us on and you can hear us across the country and around the world.

As we embrace the new year, there is a question that I have pondered and thought to share with you. And this is, “What do we want?”. As African-Americans we get told what we should be angry about, who is doing us wrong and who we should like and dislike. However, have we ever put forward an agenda of our own and worked it to see that it was implemented? In answering this question, it would help to bring us together because it would unify us around causes that we can agree that we, as African-Americans, care about.

Each demographic group in this country has some rallying cry and they fight until they get it. However, as African-Americans do we know what our rallying cry is? The LGBTQ group have rallied around issues they care about and although they do not always agree, they have agreed on central points; getting married, getting curriculum changed in schools, changing state laws to have gender identity questioned such that a baby born in New York State can be given the gender “X” so that the child can decide what they want to identify with (extremely foolish but nonetheless, they have gotten their way) when they get older. Anti-life groups have convinced power hungry politicians that ending a baby’s life in the womb should be a sacred right (sounds horrific). So much so, that killing of babies inside the womb has become the nation’s #1 cause of death (41 million this past year). Super compassionate (actually illogical) groups have demanded that illegal immigrants be allowed to get free health care, free education, for some, if they commit a crime for which they can be deported, a pardon. I could continue with environmental groups, women, Muslims, etc., but I won’t as I hope you get my point. The question is, what do we as African-Americans want? What is our rallying cry so that we can get the desires that we want recognized?

When we have a President that has given us (African-Americans) the lowest unemployment rate ever, a President that has placed large number of African-Americans in his administration, lower crimes rates, etc., we are told to hate him and decry him to be a racist. Therefore, what do we want. The party that African-Americans support in extremely large numbers and are essentially in complete control in the large cities of America has given these cities high crime rates, high unemployment, low graduation rates, high taxes, etc. Is this what African-Americans want? I do not think so!

Let’s say that we don’t want Democrats or Republicans, if we banded together, we have the strength to form our own party. While we may not win outright, the major parties would have to consider our agenda. There is NO way that the democratic party can win without the support of African-Americans. Therefore, we need to have them “pay” for our support. That means a seat at the table as a voting member. Not just towing the “party line” looking for crumbs here and there but looking for leadership positions and the furtherance of the African-American agenda. If they don’t want to give it to us, we keep working until we find a party that will or we establish our own party. I realize that no group will agree on everything, however, I believe that there are few central issues that we can all agree on and we should demand this agenda be fulfilled or we hold back our support.

We want our children to have a top rate education so that they can compete on any academic level, we want abortion clinics out of our neighborhoods that target our young African-American women more than any others, we want to be able to walk down the street and not be concerned about being hurt, we want equal justice under the law, etc.

There is a lot we can agree on however we have to articulate what that is and demand that those in authority listen and that we establish metrics to ensure our agenda is moving forward. What do we want? That is indeed, “Something to Think About”!

Rev. Michael Vaughn currently serves as senior pastor at New Wineskin Church in Rochester. Contact him at

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