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Something to Think About: Time for African Americans to Set the Agenda

Rev. Michael Vaughn, Sr. Pastor, New Wineskin Church

Op-ed By Rev. Michael Vaughn –

This week I will revisit some points I made in a previous article and expand upon it—the need for African-Americans to have an agenda.

The vast majority of African-Americans vote Democratic and the question is why? When one looks at the data, voting consistently democratic has not produced results that have been good for African-Americans. However, many African-Americans have this visceral, almost hatred and disgust at the idea of voting Republican or any party that is not Democratic.

I have surmised that the reason for this is systematic of what has been done to African-Americans since slavery; to keep us divided and focused on non-ssues. When a people are divided, they are unable to accomplish much. However, when they are unified, they are able to accomplish very much. Just look at the number of politicians that owe their entire fortunes to African-Americans voting for them. However, while African-Americans are faithful to vote for democrats at upwards of 90%, those they have voted for do not support the plight of the African-American. These folks that are voted into office by African-Americans continue an agenda that aborts (murders) African-Americans in the womb, they continue to ensure that our schools are at the bottom of the ladder in terms of quality of education, crime continues to plague the African-American community because jobs for African-Americans are scarce in the centers where African-Americans tend to populate.

When a President, whether you like him or not, shares data that speaks to the fact that African-American unemployment is at the lowest level in over 50 years, no African-American member of Congress nor the Democrats that African-Americans have elected to office can stand in support of that achievement! This is what can be entitled as incredible blindness!

The news media and the Democrat machine try to keep African-Americans on an emotional high to help keep the real essence of what is happening from being noticed. A magician’s “bread-n-butter” is sleight of hand. Focus the audience on one thing while doing something else. Here the democratic party and the news media keep telling African-Americans to hate Republicans and that they are racist while at the same time they ensure our babies don’t make it out of the womb, our children that do survive don’t get a good education and those that make it through high school struggle in getting a job.

Makes me wonder where the true racism is. A brief review of history will show (those that are willing to have their eyes open), that the KKK was the enforcement arm of the Democratic Party during slavery to ensure that runaway slaves where dealt with harshly and publicly. Yet the uninformed will consistently speak of the Republican party as causing the genesis of the KKK. Slight of hand and magic at its best and mastered by the democratic party and fooling many African-Americans to focus on the completely wrong thing!

Here in 2019 we need to say that it is time for us to set the agenda! What is it that African-Americans want to see achieved for our people? We are not obligating ourselves to a party but an agenda. If a politician will stand with us relative to our agenda, we will support them, if not, we will withdraw our support and give it to someone that will. If we did this, the amount of attention that would be given to African-Americans would be immense.

The Democratic Party knows that without African-Americans they cannot win elections. We have to stand-up and be united around an agenda. This is a page out of the LGBT community. They banded together for an agenda and they kept fighting until they got what they wanted. They are about 4.5 % of the US population (transgender adults are about 0.6% of the population) and look what being united has gotten them?! African-Americans are 12.5% of the population! What’s the difference? Being united and undeterred in accomplishing their agenda!

It is time for us to set the agenda and stop being reactionary and settling for emotional “victories”. We need to see real change but it will come first as we decide to band together and stand for what is going to help our community as a whole and not allow the forces of division to win out!

Rev. Michael Vaughn currently serves as senior pastor at New Wineskin Church in Rochester. Contact him at

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