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Something to Think About: A Dangerous Precedent

Op-ed by Rev. Michael Vaughn

Rev. Michael Vaughn, Sr. Pastor, New Wineskin Church

I know that the topic this week will not be popular with many, but I am asking that you at least hear me out and then do as this column suggests, think about it. 

Currently there is a completely unfair impeachment trial that taking place in the United States Senate.  The reason that I am saying this is because there are many members of the House of Representatives that have desired since President Trump was elected to impeach him.  Led by Maxine Walters and Al Green, they have been dreaming about the day that they could impeach the President.  Regardless of what one thinks about the President, the tool of impeachment should not be used simply because you don’t like a president.  This unfortunately is what the democrats have done with this impeachment.

Maxine Walters and others have done everything within their power to find something, anything that they could in order to bring charges against the President solely because they dislike him and want to convince the American people to believe that they are just in doing so.  

Just like anything or anyone else, if you look close enough or hard enough you will find a blemish.  The issue with what they have done is that they have used the power of the legislative branch to initiate something that is not fair and definitely goes against our system of justice.  During the time when the House of Representatives looked to make their case, they refused to call certain witnesses that could provide support for the accused.  When they did allow witnesses, they had them testify in secret and then only allowed certain portions of the testimony to leak out.  No where else in an American courtroom could something like what has happened be allowed.  The President should not get less treatment because of his office, he is still an American.  Now that the scene has shifted to the Senate, the same people that would not allow witnesses are demanding that the Senate call witnesses!  This is so troubling to me (and should be for every reasonable person in the country).  How can they suggest that they didn’t want to call witnesses and if the Senate does the SAME THING that they did it is unfair? 

The other concern is that these are the people that are leading our country!  When they argue something so blatantly unfair, it is extremely concerning that they are in charge of the laws being established in this country.  Thank God that my trust is in Him and not those leading this nation!

As African-Americans well know we have been on the receiving end of unfair and unjust treatment in the legal system, and we should never want anyone to experience that regardless of how we may personally feel about them.  As such we must continually push back against what is taking place because when people in power use that power incorrectly, we are in a dangerous place.  This is where we are with this current set of circumstances.  Also, the democrats have been stating that if President Trump is acquitted, they will continue to investigate.  Reasonable people must see that there is one motivation for many democrats and that is to remove the President from office.  They do not care what is right, what is fair or what is good for the nation.  They cannot accept the fact that the president was elected by the people of this country and the way to beat him is to win the next election.  They have spent his entire presidency investigating him and not being willing to work with him.  This congress has shown how much divided government hurts our democracy.

The reason why I say that this is a dangerous precedent is because if impeachment were to end with the removal of the president from office, we can throw out fairness and the rule of law for a president going well into the future.  It is despicable what has been done by the House of Representative and Americans need to be much wiser than what they are given credit for and reject this series of events, once and for all.  It is not about President Trump, per se, it is about our Republic and how we want to go forward from here!

Rev. Michael Vaughn currently serves as senior pastor at New Wineskin Church in Rochester. Contact him at

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