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Something to Think About: A Sobering Memorial

Rev. Michael Vaughn, Sr. Pastor, New Wineskin Church

Op-ed by Michael Vaughn

Here in America we have many days that memorialize certain events that have taken place in our nation.  Some of them are to honor those that have given the ultimate sacrifice, our brave men and women of our military.  We remember and celebrate the independence of our nation on July 4th.  We remember presidents and certain national figures, etc.  However, I am writing today to remember another event in our society.  That is the fact that 20 million African-Americans have been killed in their mother’s womb through abortion.  This event is planned to take place starting in Richmond, Va August 30 and end on August 31 in Birmingham, Al.

Obviously the main stream media will not bring this news item up but it is something that as a society we need to consider.  As I have stated in time past there is no way that “Black Lives Matter” can be taken seriously and not speak to the issue of abortion in our country.  More African-American lives are taken each year in the womb of African-Americans than taken by police officers and gang members.  Also, we cannot take someone seriously that wants to state the President Trump is a racist but give all of those that support abortion a pass.  While I do not know the heart of the President, I know that he does not support abortion which has a permanent impact on the black life ended and the family that that black life would have been born into.  However, when the democratic establishment argues that abortion should be legal and available up to and including the point of birth and even after birth, that is racism.  They desire to wipe out a race of people and the race of people that they seek to wipe out supports them in their efforts!

This country has killed 20 million African-Americans with the support of African-Americans and that is an extremely sad state of affairs.  Clergy, politicians and the average African-American need to understand the impacts of abortion and speak against it.  It is not a political issue it is a moral issue that goes to the fabric of who we are as a nation and as a people.  How can people be so passionate about the murder of the most innocent among us and then claim to be so loving and caring relative to other issues, such as illegal immigration.  There was a discussion recently about Sen. Booker bringing in illegal immigrants into our country illegally because he “feels” for these people.  However, he can stand in front of African-Americans and support abortion which is the number one killer of African-Americans!  We have to see through this hypocrisy and push back hard against it!

How can congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez get so mad and upset about the condition of illegal immigrants in over crowded facilities at the border but yet support the ripping apart of babies while they are in their mother’s womb?  How bad a condition is that?  As we stop and think about what has occurred in this nation through abortion it ought to make us angry and sad.  There have been 20 million African-America lives ended in very violent ways and we have to know that there has been tremendous impact on our nation.  How many more African-Americans would there be if these 20 million babies were allowed to live?  Maybe there would be significant breakthroughs in multiple areas in our world that could have occurred; we’ll never know!

Personally, if you are truly upset about racism in this country, you have to be against abortion or you are not serious.  If you support “Black Lives Matter” you must be against abortion or you are not serious.  In order to truly be taken seriously in the fight for African-Americans, stopping abortion has to be high on the list as it is a horrible stain on our country and has done severe damage to the African-American race.  Let’s be sure to remember the true impacts of abortion as it has snuffed out 20 million African-Americans, the real danger against our people!

Rev. Michael Vaughn currently serves as senior pastor at New Wineskin Church in Rochester. Contact him at

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