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Something to Think About: As Election Time Approaches, Open Your Eyes in 2016

Op/Ed By Michael Vaughn


michael_vaughn2As 2015 draws to a close, I have some recommendations regarding the election which will take place in 2016.

We will be electing another president, and it is something we all should take very seriously. I have asked many times that we, especially African-Americans, stop voting based on our emotions, and vote based on the candidate’s positions which will best represent our interests.

One thing we should note is that, regardless of the candidate, we are likely not going to agree with everything for which they stand.

However, if we can take a page from those who have supported the homosexual agenda, we should persistently and consistently vote for those individuals who are at least advancing some of our agenda.

If we continue to do that, ultimately we will get to a place where we will get what we want.

Supporters of the homosexual agenda kept pushing until President Barack Obama did away with “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” and ensured the definition of marriage would be altered in America.

This fight took more than 15 years, but they kept at it.

There will be a Republican candidate, in the upcoming election, and, most likely, Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic candidate. However, when the time comes, I believe she will take the African-American vote for granted, and, for good reason.

African-Americans seem to vote overwhelmingly Democratic, regardless of who the candidate is!

All I ask is that we ask ourselves a very important question, which is: what has Hillary done for African-Americans, or said she will do that has caused her to believe she should win the African-American vote?

I’m sure once this question has been asked, those who have been reading this column will automatically become emotional, and just rattle off something that is not based on any fact. However, if we take a look at what she did during her time as secretary of state, we will get a picture of who she really is.

She brazenly used her private email account to send classified information, and, if she had been an ordinary employee, she would have been arrested. Repeatedly, she has said she supports Planned Parenthood, an organization which kills, innocent babies yearly, the majority of whom are African-American.

And, still, African-Americans support her.

She has supported many of the same programs and ideologies which President Obama has supported, and his administration has more than doubled the American debt.

When he came into office, the national debt was around $8 trillion, and now it is around $18 trillion!

Obama’s mantra has been to take money from the “rich,” and give it to the “poor.” However, if we take a look at the facts, they will show African-Americans have been hurt the worst of any ethnic group under his administration. These are not my emotions speaking, this is factual information taken from websites like

Poverty has also increased amongst African-Americans, increasing from 25.8 percent in 2009, to 27.2 in 2014. In addition, the median income has fallen nine percent, from 2010 to 2013, for African-American households.

These are just a few of the factual statistics that will hold up when considering the faults of Obama’s presidency. However, many African-Americans will undoubtedly just continue listening to the class-warfare rhetoric that comes from the Democratic Party, without really considering the facts.

Take the city of Rochester, for example. There is a Democratic mayor, an all-Democratic city council, and an all-Democratic school board. Yet, the city is not faring well, and has not fared well, relative to the other municipalities in Monroe County.

My point is, if we were to look at the candidates with a non-emotional eye; logically, we would realize the Republican Party has not been the one hurting African-Americans.

Abraham Lincoln was a Republican, after all.

It has been the Democratic Party, and the African-Americans who have, year after year, blindly given them their votes.

Once again, I implore you to study the candidates, what they have said, and how they will actually accomplish what they have promised. Reject those who have promised you more money, and more “free” things.

Remember, the government will only take money from one group, and give it to another.

After a while, they will run out of folks to take from, and, eventually, the welfare system will dry up!

However, if after a non-emotional review, you think Hillary Clinton is the best choice, and will represent you well, then that is how you should vote.

But, if you realize she is just another Democrat who has taken you, and your vote, for granted, maybe you should give your vote to someone else.

The definition of insanity is, “doing the same thing over again, but expecting different results.” I believe the Democratic Party is no friend to African-Americans, and it is time we stop the insanity in 2016!

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