Friday 30 September 2022
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Something to Think About: Don’t Believe the Hype

Op/Ed By Michael Vaughn


new michael vaughnLet me start off by saying that what we witnessed in Orlando, Florida this month was evil at a very high level.

It was utterly horrible, what Omar Mateen did when he murdered all of those people in Pulse nightclub.

There has to be universal condemnation of that attack, and a desire for the truth, to find out why this man did what he did, so that we may prevent something like that from happening again, in the future.

But, this, unfortunately, is where large amounts of disagreements have come in, and where the title “Don’t Believe the Hype” has come from.

There are many varying thoughts surrounding this event that, quite frankly have shown the depths folks may go to in order to advance their agendas.

I think it is very sad when a tragedy like this happens, and some people use it as an opportunity to play upon the emotions, and fears of people.

First of all, there has been some sentiment that, with more gun control, something like this could have been avoided.

However, what the people who support this idea have failed to mention is that, this man was eligible to legally purchase the firearms he had.

He passed a background investigation in order to get the firearms, and had even been questioned by the FBI in the past.

So, if someone wants to hurt innocent people, there are no amount of laws that are going to prevent that.

These folks who advocate for gun control have also failed to mention that, despite the fact that in one of America’s top five cities (Chicago) you cannot legally purchase a gun, or even ammunition; it remains the murder capital of America.

So, where are the guns coming from? They are coming from people who want to hurt others and, unfortunately, the innocent people who have been caught in the crossfire, and cannot legally get a gun to protect themselves.

When you have gun laws like Chicago’s, only the criminals and police have guns, and that is not what you want in a Democracy!

An American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) lawyer has also put forward the notion that Christians are to blame for what happened that night!

That is the epitome of stupid!

Why is it that people all across America are able to believe what they want, and have the right to express it, except for Christians?

If it is ok for someone to say homosexuality is approved by God, then, in America, I have a right to say God disapproves of homosexuality.

Ultimately, no person who is a true follower of Jesus would ever condone, promote, or participate in violence against another person.

As a result, if people take what I preach out of context, and use it for malicious means, that does not mean I have condoned their actions.

If this man had a problem with homosexuals, that problem was isolated to him, and he alone is the ultimate person who was responsible for his actions.

Unfortunately, when someone has an agenda, they are able to twist a story, and make even the most innocent people look guilty.

So, don’t believe the hype!

The last item I will mention surrounding this tragedy is the fact that some do not want to mention this man’s belief in radical Islam.

He reportedly supported ISIS, and, as such, was a part of radical Islam.

This is not something that was a myth, but is an alleged fact.

Yet, some folks, including our president, seem to want to disavow the fact that there may be portions of people who practice radical Islam, who want to harm Americans.

And, because some people want to be politically correct, we, or at least our leaders, have done nothing about it.

I believe the reason Donald Trump is doing so well is because he says what a majority of people may want to say, but haven’t, because they’ve feared retribution.

Political correctness can be dangerous to our national security, and we have to reject it.

The reason it is dangerous is because if we do not identify our enemies, we will not know when we are fighting them.

What happened in Orlando was tragic, and I hope we never have to deal with anything like that again.

However, in the midst of our pain, anger, and questions, we mustn’t allow politicians who may have an agenda, to play with our emotions, and move us toward a direction which has nothing to do with what happened.

We must acknowledge what happened, and stay focused on it, but “Don’t Believe the Hype!”

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