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Something to Think About: Enforcing Immigration Law

Op/Ed By Michael Vaughn –


new michael vaughnAs I write my column this week, my hope is to provide you with “Something to Think About.

And, if I do, then I will have accomplished my goal.

I believe we can all agree that we are a nation of laws.

If there were no laws, there would be chaos, and the people in our society would be in a position where no one felt safe.

Consequently, there would also be no true prosperity, and definitely no freedom!

Another bad idea would be to have laws, and to not enforce them.

A law which is not enforced would be a law that was worthless, as well as unfair.

The law would be worthless, because if people knew they could violate the law, and get away with it, they would.

As a result, taking the time and energy to create the new law would be a waste of time.

A law that was not enforced would also be unfair to the people who have followed the law, as opposed to those who have violated the law, and gotten away with it.

Most often, I believe the majority of people would agree that, when someone breaks the law, they should be held accountable.

However, this idea has become completely lost on most people when it comes to illegal immigration.

As the phrase intimates, it is immigration that is “illegal.”

And, as we are a nation of laws, when someone has violated said laws, they should be held accountable as a violator of the law.

The latest controversy the media has stirred up is the situation around families being broken up because they have entered this country illegally.

There has been such a hard push to stop this from happening, that many people have even bad-mouthed the president for simply enforcing the standing law.

However, the one thing I have found to be interesting is that, as a society, we typically seem to be “ok” with having children separated from their families, if their mothers or fathers are convicted, and sent to prison for selling drugs, robbery, assault, etc.

And, in those cases, we put the responsibility (and rightly so) upon the people who have broken the laws.

Plain and simply, if they wanted to stay with their families, they shouldn’t have broken the law.


So, why is it then, that when illegal immigrants have been separated from their families, and not because America is mean, or because we have nothing better to do, but simply because they’ve broken the law, that we get upset?

Just as we would say to the drug dealer, or the robber that they shouldn’t have broken the law, or they would be with their families, we have to say the same to illegal immigrants.

Illegal immigrants shouldn’t have broken our laws, or they could have stayed with their families.

There is a legal way to immigrate to this country, and many people do so each year.

Not enforcing immigration laws makes it unfair to those families who do follow our rules, and who work hard to become American citizens in the correct way.

I believe the main reason there has been such an uproar can likely be traced to the media’s hatred for President Trump.

But, if people would just step back, and lose their emotion over this, they would be able to see the situation for what it really is.

There are consequences for breaking the laws in this country, and sometimes families are separated when laws are enforced.

However, if the media is able to keep the story going by saying that America (and especially President Trump) is mean, then they will get their narrative across, showing the power news outlets have to shape public opinion.

Ultimately, my opinion may indeed be shaped by something; however, it will not be shaped by a biased media that is bent on keeping Americans blind to the truth, while feeding an emotional beast.

Who’s going to join me?

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