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Something to Think About: Expect Real Change

Op-ed by Rev. Michael Vaughn

Rev. Michael Vaughn, Sr. Pastor, New Wineskin Church

We live in a country that I’d never envisioned that I would see.  One where it is ok for Black people to publicly denigrate white people and white people to publicly accept it and denigrate themselves!  Somewhere along the way of working to heal the racial issues in this country “we” thought that it was ok to replace white supremacy with black supremacy!  How foolish an idea is that?  If white supremacy produced a group of people that fought hard to turn it around, what makes us think that the same won’t happen with black supremacy.  While it is indeed true that black people suffered horribly at the hands of many white people and that should not ever be forgotten.  However, one does not fight hatred, ignorance and racism with more hatred, ignorance and racism!  We have to understand the root of the problem and work to change those areas.  This will not pit one race against another but it will have all races work towards equity which is what needs to be the end goal!

We live in a society where the “wokeness” of the day has caused some utterly foolish decisions to be made and will have absolutely no impact on the population that it was “supposed” to help.  For example, Major League Baseball’s decision to move The All Star Game from Atlanta, Georgia to Denver, Colorado will hurt black businesses in Atlanta.  The foolishness of canceling Dr. Suess books, Aunt Jemima, Uncle Ben’s, etc., are not a show of progress, unity or understanding but a show of foolishness and control that will not ever solve the real problem of systemic and institutional racism.  What it does is it makes people “feel” good without ever doing good.  It helps to line the pockets of organizations like BLM that supposedly speak for African-Americans but in reality, their leaders are getting rich, living alongside the people they supposedly hate.  It is the same model that was used back in slavery.  The house negro was able to live in a better place with more benefits because they were to keep the field negros in line.  What the house negro didn’t realize what they as far as the master was concerned, he was still a negro!  The change that is needed in America will not come through donating money to organizations like BLM, it will come through grass roots political efforts to rid urban centers of politicians that have a grip on these locations though city government and the school systems.  The problem is solvable but people need to expect real change to occur not just a bunch of rhetoric that comes through people in power.  The question is, have you changed this law that enables black people to move forward, have you altered this policy that advocates for black children to move ahead, have you strengthened law enforcement to rid our neighborhoods of crime and violence so that our people feel safe?  There is much talk that is going on, much emotion that is being expended and much money that is being given.  However, where is the real change?  Are our children truly being educated (the recent pandemic shows that the establishment wants to keep black children dumb by listening to teachers unions and keeping schools closed from in-person learning); is crime being deal with head on; are there more jobs coming to the urban center so that folks can have decent, well-paying jobs?

If all you have are protests to people that are actually causing the problem and the only thing that is happening is that baseball games are being moved, statues are coming down, iconic figures and products are being canceled, then you have bought into the lie and will never see real change!  Wake up Black America, for real, demand and expect the change that will cause a difference.  We can solve the problem, but we must exchange the victim mentality that the powers that be have given to us to the victor mentality that Almighty God gave us!  Then and only then will we see real, lasting change!

Rev. Michael is senior pastor of New Wineskin Church. Contact him at

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