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Something to Think About: Fight on Mr. President!

Op-ed by Rev. Michael Vaughn

Rev. Michael Vaughn, Sr. Pastor, New Wineskin Church

The 2020 Presidential election is over, or is it?  As I write the article today, we are a week removed from the most “fill in the blank” election that we have ever faced as Americans.  The most Americans cast votes in the history of the country, there were more mail in ballots this time than ever before, the Hispanic population in Florida voted for President Trump in numbers larger than they had voted for a Republican before, the party that speaks for the “little guy” and is all for “lending a helping hand” spent $200 million on two (2) US Senate races and lost big time and yet with all this, we may not know the “for real” outcome of this election before the end of November, or later!

As I await the outcome of the election, as most Americans, my heart truly does go out to President Trump.  Whether you like him or not, if you are living in reality you know that he was not just running against Joe Biden but he was running against the main stream media (MSM) and social media giants like Facebook and Twitter.  There were stories about Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden that broke in the weeks leading up to the election and they refused to report on it.  And when stories about Hunter Biden were posted on Facebook or Twitter those items were either throttled back or restricted.  It was blatantly obvious that there was an all-out attempt, by sources that should be unbiased, to work as hard as they could to get Joe Biden elected.  If the “shoes were on the other foot” and it was Donald Trump, Jr. who had all those allegations against him, it would have been on 24/7 on each of the news stations and newspapers as well as on social media.  This is just unfair!

The other reason that my heart goes out to the President is because he worked extremely hard against overwhelming odds to make some very significant strides in his first term as President.  One of the biggest was his economic success.  Before COVID-19 came in Americans were enjoying an economy like they had never seen before and things were looking pretty good for the President.  However, IMHO, politics began to enter into the COVID-19 discussions.  Many states that have Democratic governors decided to close their states in ways that were unprecedented to the point where they have severely impacted their state’s economy and the livelihoods of its citizens for decades to come or even forever as many businesses, once vibrant, have closed down for good.  One can only do a double take as to why are these governors doing this; could it be to hurt the economy and thereby President Trump? 

Also, these governors decided that it was too dangerous for citizens to go out and vote in-person during the election cycle.  Therefore, they mailed out, unsolicited, millions of ballots for folks to vote “absentee” in the election.  The main concern for such an effort is that it is froth with opportunities for cheating (and as I write this, it appears that they may be exactly was has happened in some counties).  Again, time for the double take; if folks can go to the grocery store, go to the movies, board an airplane and sit near other passengers, why can’t they get up and go to the polling place (who by-the-way was practicing social distancing, etc.)?

So, while people may have voted already, the election outcome is far from over.  President Trump will be challenging many things in this election before he gives up and therefore, we are in for a long wait; potentially (it would be nice if those that cheated would just admit it; that’s my prayer).  So, I am 100% in support of the President to do what he needs to do, legally, to ensure that every legal vote is counted and that where there are discrepancies they are widely known and reported.  His Presidency has been hijacked by folks that would not accept the FACT that Hillary Clinton lost in 2016, he does need to accept these people cheating him out of another four (4) year.  Fight on Mr. President!

Rev. Michael is senior pastor of New Wineskin Church. Contact him at

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