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Something to Think About: Having A Conversation with the Governor

Op/Ed By Michael Vaughn –


new michael vaughnThere are times when I’d like to speak with our elected officials to understand what they’re thinking relative to the decisions that they make.

I may be somewhat naïve for believing politicians actually start off their careers really wanting to help those people they represent.

However, once they get into office, it seems they “drink the kool-aid,” and begin to go with the flow, ultimately ending up doing just what everyone else has done, and not really making changes for the people who’ve elected them.

So, in this week’s column, I am going to share my thoughts with Gov. Andrew Cuomo, the governor of New York state.

If I were able to get a real meeting with him, this is what I would say:

I would start by asking the governor why he thinks New York, which is one of the top five states with the largest tax burdens in the country, should be required to pay even more taxes to help cover the Medicaid payments that he believes will be reduced as the federal government plans changes to the Affordable Care Act.

It would be one thing if the Medicaid benefits in New York were inadequate, but, even now, they are much better than the benefits in many other states across the country.

I would also ask him how he could continue to face middle class families in New York, while asking them to keep dipping into the money they’ve worked hard to earn.

As New Yorkers who pay for every liberal idea this governor, and extremely weak legislature, have dreamed up, we are tired of continuing to be a huge welfare state, where folks who are working hard every day are seeing more and more of their money taken from them by the government.

It seems like we have less and less control over the money we’ve worked hard to obtain.

And, while folks are continuing to protest for more and more, they seem not to realize that the “more” which seems to come from the government, actually comes from the people of New York state.

I have said many times that there is nothing which bars someone from taking their money and giving it to whatever cause they may want to give it to.

And, if they are not willing to give all they have, then they need to stop demanding the government go into my pocket and take my money!

I would also ask the governor whether he knows people are leaving this state in large numbers because of the high cost of living.

The educational system, which used to be stellar, is no longer that way because of failed progressive policies, as well as the job climate.

Companies today are overburdened with taxes, and do not want to relocate to New York.

And, as a lifelong New Yorker, I am very disappointed with the direction in which this state has gone.

It is no longer a democracy.

It is a state which caters to whomever gives the biggest donations to the governor, or to those who will help him get elected to whatever political aspirations he may have.

When three men have the ability dictate billions of dollars each year, you know this state has moved from the success it once was, to the sad situation we currently face.

In closing, I would ask the governor whether he truly believes New Yorkers are better off with the oppressive taxes we pay to fund every liberal giveaway program he and his pals come up with.

Does he really think giving more than one-third of their money to state and local taxes is what the average New Yorker wants to do?

If his answer were yes, I’d recommend he get some psychiatric treatment; if his answer were no, I’d then ask why he is harming New Yorkers.

I do believe in praying for our elected officials, and the governor is no different.

My current prayer for him is that every policy he desires to implement is rejected, and that during the next election cycle, he is defeated and enjoys his retirement!

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