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Something to Think About: Having a Victor’s Mentality!

Op/Ed By Michael Vaughn


michael_vaughn2One of the things I have constantly talked about, and that has been a centerpiece of the ministry my wife and I have led, is the fact that we all have a God-given purpose, which we are here on earth to fulfill. And, while the majority of people have been able to “mentally ascend” to this idea; owning it and walking it out is a much different story. In our society, there has been too much of an emphasis, and even a push, for people to effectively miss out on their God-given potential, by having them settle into playing the role of “the victim.”

There are many things one can point to which have been “wrong” in America, but how many of those things have we been willing to do something about? It has not taken much effort to get with a group of people, and march down a street talking about, “Black Lives Matter.

That is, indeed, a very true statement, and I believe that 100 percent. However, how do we take that slogan, and make sure we put it into practice? Unfortunately, when someone has the mindset of a victim, typically, what they do is point out the flaws in someone else, instead of trying to do some work on themselves.

Black lives do matter, even when there are not white police officers killing black men.

Black lives matter when black police officers kill black men. Black lives matter when black men kill other black men. Black lives matter when our educational systems, in many urban areas, do not educate our black children, and the black people of the city continue to elect the people who have been at the core of the problem.

Black lives matter when politicians continue to try and make black people believe the only way out of poverty is more and more dependence on the government, while at the same time convincing them they should despise people who have worked hard, and become successful. When you can only see one aspect of a situation, and pour all of your energy into complaining, instead of doing; that is when you have latched onto a “victim’s mentality.”

If we really want to see change in our nation, and, more specifically, in our communities, we have to stop just shaking our hands and our fists, and begin to do something that will bring about lasting change. We have to move from being a victim, to a victor!

Realize you have a purpose, are full of potential, and therefore able to make an impact right where you are. What are you passionate about? What moves you, or makes you upset, or angry? Instead of just walking down a street, and picketing, do something which will have an impact.

There are many ways we can begin to turn things around, from ensuring we have been raising our children correctly, to becoming informed voters, and removing politicians who have only sought to divide, and maintain the status quo. We should also get involved in community programs, in order to educate our young people.

When someone becomes a victor, they will see solutions to problems, and not just the problems themselves. They will ask themselves the questions, “What can I do to make a difference?” or “How can I help?” They will realize that, if something is going to get done, it will take energy; time; effort; and will not be easy.

Yet, if we all do our part, we will begin to see change.

We have to reject the victim’s mentality, which never offers any real, lasting, non-emotional solutions. There are many issues we face, and, therefore, no lack of problems in need of a solution. I am convinced that, because we have been created on purpose, and are here on the earth on purpose; if we walk out that purpose, we’ll begin to solve these problems. However, it will only occur when we move away from having a “victim’s mentality,” to having a “victor’s mentality!”

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