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Something to Think About: Knowing Where NY State Democrats Stand

Op/Ed By Michael Vaughn –


new michael vaughnAs I’m writing this, there has been a tremendous shake up at the New York State capitol.

That shake up has to do with the agreement from the Independent Democratic Conference (IDC) to dissolve, and join mainline Democrats in the New York State Senate.

This is a significant occurrence because, by doing so, New York’s Democratic Party would be positioned to control the Assembly, Senate, and the Governor’s office, which would be horrible for anyone with a biblical world view!

New York is by far the definition of a liberal state.

However, there has been horrible and ungodly legislation which has passed the State Assembly, but failed to get through the State Senate because, until now, the IDC has enabled Republicans to lead in the State Senate.

The bills that would have become law, but were turned back, include bills that advocated for the expansion of late-term abortion, an abortion pill insurance mandate, the “Bathroom Bill,” the “Counselor Coercion Bill,” and physician-assisted suicide.

Senate Democratic leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins is a strong supporter of late-term abortion expansion.

I am not sure what her past is, or what she has against the unborn; however, someone who can support the heinousness of late-term abortion (never mind the fact that abortion is already murder), and desire to expand it, is someone who does not need to be in any kind of leadership position.

Therefore, if late-term abortion (or abortion generally) is against your belief system, supporting her should not be possible.

There are also others who are “chomping at the bit” to get a host of LBGT legislation passed.

These bills could become New York State law if we are not vigilant enough to stop them from enacting this legislation.

One way to stop this new alliance from making New York State even more liberal, is to know where these politicians stand on the issues that affect our daily lives.

We have to take our heads out of the sand, and stand against this attempted ultra-liberal takeover of our state.

As I always say, I am not telling anyone how to vote, but I am saying that we should know who, and what, we are voting for.

If you hold biblical world views in this state, voting for Democratic control of the Governor’s office, the State Senate, and the State Assembly would be a recipe for their destruction.

As a result, every church that claims the Bible as its authority should come out against this new coalition, and be extremely vocal about the fact that they do not support the Democrats’ platform.

While we do not pass the legislation and enact the bills into law, we do elect the representatives who come up with and pass the legislation.

As such, these representatives ultimately answer to us.

So, we have to let them know that we do not want certain legislation that may come forward if the Democrats take over the Senate.

I believe this is a dire time for those of us who care about this state, and hold a biblical world view.

We have to let our voices be heard, and stand against this very liberal, immoral agenda.

More will follow on how we might accomplish our goals.

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(Michael Vaughn currently serves as senior pastor at New Wineskin Church in Rochester.)

(Disclaimer: The views expressed on our opinion pages are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the position or viewpoint of the Minority Reporter.)