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Something to Think About: Let’s Take Advantage of the Movie “Black Panther”

Op/Ed By Michael Vaughn –


new michael vaughnThe movie “Black Panther” has been out for a while now, and it has set records for the amount of money it has taken in at the box office.

African-Americans have responded to this movie in an especially-astounding way.

And, I believe the reason there has been so much hype surrounding this movie is because it has created a sense of pride among many African Americans. The cast is predominantly African-American, as well as the director.

While this has been great to see, it begs the question as to what’s next.

We could look at this as just a movie, but when you sit back and watch what has catapulted this movie to such financial success, it has been the wallets and pocketbooks of African-Americans.

As a result, one thing we should note is that, as African-Americans, we have a tremendous amount of power, economically.

When we as a people come together around something, we can move it forward to wherever we want.

Here is a spur trail; if we, as a people who continually vote overwhelmingly for the Democratic Party, ever got together, were unified, and demanded changes from them, we would make tremendous gains in this country.

Our problem is that we tend not to come together around issues of politics in a manner that will make any real impact.

Sure, a march will bring attention to a matter, but demanding change from politicians is the real way laws and policies are changed.

And, if a politician will not provide what we want, we should vote them out of office, and get someone into office who will listen to what we want done!

If we can do it for a movie, we can do it in any arena.

The reason our communities are lagging behind others, and the reason our children are not being educated the way they should be is not because of others, it is because of us!

We have the power to change the situations that face us, through consolidation, and coming together.

This is the message we should take from the success of the movie “Black Panther.”

We have only to pool our resources around a common objective to see the sheer power of African-Americans’ ability to get things done.

We do not need a hand out.

We do not need to be pitied; and we are strong enough to make the necessary changes in our communities that need to be made.

However, we must stop listening to the voices that seek to divide us or distract us, and stay focused on what will unite us.

In addition to that, we must also continue to push our objectives forward until we have achieved our goals.

The African-American community has a tremendous amount of resources available to it that can change our community in a short time, if we use them properly.

But, our problem is that we do not tap into those resources.

We can take advantage of the success of “Black Panther,” if we take a step back, and realize what has really happened.

We were inspired by a cast of actors, a story line, and a director.

From there, we spent our money (many people, multiple times), talked about it to our friends, and kept posting it on social media.

We can use these same traits to solve the issues in our communities. We just have to realize the power lies within us, and we need to come together, with one voice, to see our community changed!

I said it before, and I will say it again – if we did it for a movie, we can do it for our communities!

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