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Something to Think About: Listen to Donald Trump’s Message

Op/Ed By Michael Vaughn


new michael vaughnThis year’s presidential campaign has indeed been one for the centuries! The two major party candidates are doing quite a good job of embarrassing the U.S. in front of the rest of the world.

However, I digress.

A few weeks ago (at the time of this writing), Donald Trump reached out to African Americans, in a speech, asking that they support him.

And, in the speech, he uttered a phrase which has given many African Americans a reason to become upset.

He said, why not vote for him, “what do you have to lose?”

However, while this phrase may be the one which has taken center stage, what I would encourage folks to do is to listen to his message.

The message Donald Trump has been trying to get across is that African Americans have supported Democrats for years, and have not really gotten anything to show for it.

The point is, instead of throwing out the message because of the messenger, listen to the message, and hold the Democratic Party’s feet to the fire.

African Americans are the one constituency the Democratic Party has not given anything to for its support.

Look at the LGBTQ community, for example.

They have gone from not being able to “marry,” to being given the “right to marry,” as codified by the United States Supreme Court.

This transition has occurred, essentially, over the last ten (10) years.

They have also now gotten people up in arms over which bathrooms transgendered people can to use.

A group that is essentially 0.1 percent of the population, has America taking sides over whether a boy thinking he is a girl should have the “right” to use the girls’ bathroom.

Forget about the girls’ right to not have someone of the opposite sex invade their privacy!

And, these items could not have gotten to where they are without the support of the Democratic Party.

Look at the issue of illegal immigration.

It primarily targets the Hispanic population, and the Democratic Party does all it can to support this demographic.

Even though it should be an insult to the Hispanic population to endorse anything that, by its very nature is illegal, the Democratic Party supports this issue, because they believe Hispanics will vote for them if they support illegal immigration.

And, even though its potentially offensive, Democrats have made Hispanics believe their platform is for them.

Now, look at the African-American population.

They support the Democratic Party in numbers greater than 90 percent, consistently.

African Americans have supported Democrats election after election, and the Democratic Party has consistently taken the African-American vote for granted.

How do we know this? We know this because the schools African-American children in the inner cities attend are pretty bad; the crime rate is very high in their neighborhoods; the unemployment rate is higher than the national average for African Americans, and it’s greater than 50 percent for African-American youth, etc., etc.

The point is, what do African-Americans have to show for the fact that they have been so loyal to the Democratic Party?

I say, not too much!

Therefore, what African Americans should do, is not throw away Donald Trump’s message, even if he is not their chosen candidate.

African Americans need to vocally, and aggressively, demand better schools, more jobs, etc., from the party they’ve continued to support in such large numbers.

Not to demand these things would be to squander their votes, which would continue to allow Democrats to stay in power.

What would happen if African-American leaders, some of whom have no problem finding a news camera to listen to their other concerns, turned their attention to the elected politicians who have a stronghold on the urban centers in which many African Americans typically live?

We must demand politicians give us vouchers to send our children to better schools, and we must demand politicians ensure good-paying jobs are going to be located in our urban centers.

We must also demand the issues which are solely African American issues be addressed immediately!

I am not saying African Americans should give their votes to Republicans. However, I am saying they should give their votes to those who will do what African Americans demand must be done.

So, maybe you do not like the messenger, Donald Trump.

Nonetheless, at least listen to his message, and demand change must occur within the Democratic Party, which has consistently enjoyed tremendous support from our community!

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