Tuesday 29 November 2022
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Something to Think About: Listen to the Experts When it Comes to Syrian Refugees

Op/Ed By Michael Vaughn



In Paris, France they are still dealing with the aftermath of a deadly terrorist attack against their country. The group ISIS said they have been to blame for the attacks which killed more than 120 innocent people who were enjoying themselves on the weekend!

And, in the hours following the attacks, police discovered one of the terrorists involved in the attacks had been a Syrian refugee who’d fled the country to settle in France.

As a result, the incident has raised concerns that terrorists have been mingling with Syrian refugees who have been entering into European countries with the ultimate goal of carrying out terrorist attacks. Unfortunately, this is the reality which has come to pass for the people of Paris, France.

Why am I bringing this up now? I’m bringing it up because this has also become a hot topic here in America. The decision of whether or not to halt the receipt of refuges from Syria has become a concern for American citizens, in the aftermath of this incident.

There are two main points of view on this topic. One has stated it is un-American to refuse the entry of refugees into this country. The other is that we should halt the process of receiving refugees from Syria, until we can do a better job of ensuring that no terrorists are among those who have been allowed to enter the U.S. I am of the opinion that it is better for us to be safe, rather than to be sorry.

Many people who we rely on in the intelligence community, such as the director of the FBI and the director of National Intelligence, have stated terrorists are indeed infiltrating the refugee population, and, if left unchecked, may have the ability to get into the U.S. Armed with this information, I think it is a very easy decision to listen to these professionals, and halt the program, until a better vetting process has been established.

However, President Barack Obama, Mayor Lovely Warren and others, have insisted it would be un-American to do so. But, what these folks fail to realize is, the most important thing government can do is protect the lives of its citizens. Therefore, if this means putting a halt to receiving refugees from Syria, then so be it!

There may also be other options the U.S. and the United Nations could take advantage of, in order to tend to the needs of Syrian refugees, without them having to leave Syria. They could establish a safe zone in the country, which could be guarded by the UN, and American soldiers. This would meet the needs of the refugees, while enabling the vetting process to proceed, and keeping any potential terrorists in Syria away from America.

However, this idea does not seem to be good enough for some people. And, while I do believe Mayor Warren is a good person, she is completely off-base when it comes to her decision to offer up Rochester as a place for resettling refugees.

As I see it, folks who believe as she does have been making emotionally-driven decisions, with no regard for what’s best for the nation.

No one has said we want to permanently keep Syrians out of America, we just want to halt the process of receiving them until we can do a better job of vetting them. I don’t believe this is either bigotry, or a lack of compassion. It is logical, and it is a matter of looking out for the best interests of the American people. We have to move away from acting on our feelings, and the horrible effects of political correctness, and open our eyes to the real, dangerous world we face.

If there were a terror attack here in Rochester because of Syrian refugees let in by Mayor Warren, what would she say to Rochester families who may have been be impacted by her decision? The most she could say is sorry!

However, sorry would not bring back the loved ones of those families. So, I believe we should listen to the experts, and put a more effective vetting process in place, before we resume accepting Syrian refugees into America!

While we always risk facing another terrorist attack, we need to be as vigilant as possible in order to guard against one.

More time in the vetting process may just be what we need to ensure what happened in Paris, France does not happen here in America!

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