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Something to Think About: My Different Point of View

Op/Ed By Michael Vaughn –


new michael vaughnI know there are some folks who have major disagreements with some of the things I’ve shared in the columns I have written recently.

However, I believe this is ok, because we have a free society, and it is one in which we should all have the ability to disagree.

As a result, the question I have is not whether someone should disagree with me, but why are they disagreeing?

I believe we should base our disagreements on our beliefs, not on an agenda we think we must defend.

Many times, we may disagree because we have been listening to information that has been designed to incite African-Americans (and others) to believe certain things.

However, I am of the opinion that, if you do enough self-study and research, you will not be swayed one way or another based on biased information.

Don’t get me wrong, whether or not we admit it, it’s likely we all have builtin biases which influence our decisions.

However, when it comes to our disagreements, we should make sure we’re armed with the accurate data or information to back up our claims.

For example, while the media and the Democratic Party constantly degrade President Trump and his administration, they also cleverly don’t report the good things he has done.

Based on the numbers (or data that we can access from the Bureau of Labor Statistics), African-Americans’ unemployment rate is the lowest it’s ever been under President Trump, and after only one year in office.

It is the lowest it has been since the records have been kept.

But, the media has not shared this because it would go against the narrative that President Trump is a racist who is ready to put African Americans back into slavery.

Another statistic which has not been not reported is that, since President Trump took office, the stock market has grown by almost 29 percent.

However, the media has not reported this either, because it would go against their narrative.

Another item that has not been reported is that many highranking Democrats and intelligence officials have said there is no evidence of Trump/Russia collusion during the 2016 presidential election.

Yet, the media has continued to report on the efforts of the special counsel.

There are many more items like this, but I believe you “catch my drift.”

Overall, I happen to hold a different viewpoint than many African Americans when it comes to biased media, and the Democratic Party.

And, while I realize there are good and bad sides to every party, one has to wonder what African Americans’ unwavering loyalty to this party has gotten us.

As I mentioned earlier, it took a Republican president just one year to achieve what America’s only African-American president couldn’t achieve in eight years.

The urban centers of our country, which are controlled by the Democratic Party, constantly under perform in the areas of education and job creation, while they are over-represented as far as crime is concerned.

If the Democratic Party really cares about African Americans, why haven’t they changed our plight?

It has taken approximately 10 years for the U.S. to accept the homosexual agenda, and the Democratic Party shut down the government over illegal immigration (a policy which primarily effects Hispanics).

What have they done for African Americans?

In my opinion, the Democratic Party is not worthy of the African-American vote, because they have taken it for granted while they have continued to meet the needs of every other group.

African Americans should demand leadership positions in the Democratic Party so the needs of African Americans might be front and center.

So, yes, I do have a different point of view when it comes to many of these issues.

And, it is mainly because of my biblical world view, which supersedes my political party.

However, the other reason I have a different point of view is because I believe that, in the words of Malcom X (as played by Denzel Washington): “We’ve been hood-winked, and bamboozled.”

In other words, African Americans have been lied to, and that, in and of itself, necessitates a different point of view!

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