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Something to Think About: Political Factors We Should Consider

Op/Ed By Michael Vaughn


michael_vaughn2There are a few things which have happened over the past several weeks that I would like folks to think about. It’s not about just listening to me, and blindly following me. It is about giving serious thought to the information I am sharing, and, without emotion, considering the evidence based on its merits.

This week, my column has to do with the actions of President Obama and the Democrats in Congress. What is troubling to me is that, many African-Americans seem to have checked their brains at the door, in order to blindly follow the president, and other Democrats.

While I do not like the policies of the president, nor those of other Democrats, I can respect that they wholeheartedly believe what they stand for, after thoughtful consideration, rather than someone who just blindly follows the president because he’s black, and other Democrats because they are Democrats.

The first item I want folks to consider is the deal President Obama has made with Iran. The particulars of the deal are not only troubling in themselves, but; the fact that the U.S. would make a deal with a country that has stated, “death to America;” hates Israel (a staunch ally of the U.S.); and is an acknowledged state sponsor of terrorism, is beyond ludicrous.

If people would take the time to look into the “deal,” they would see Iran gets all it wants, while America gets nothing.

It makes no sense!

Again, my issue is not with the president. He is a liberal, and he is just implementing what he believes.

However, my issue is with people who constantly look the other way, simply because he is black. I truly believe President Obama has done more to harm the future of America than any other president in history.

The seeds of his administration will yield severe consequences in the long run, and those who have blindly supported him will share the blame, but will likely never trace the problems back to his administration.

The second item I would like people to consider, is the way the Democrats in Congress have blocked the de-funding of Planned Parenthood. There is no doubt there have been some grisly things Planned Parenthood has done, such as performing abortions, and then selling the body parts of innocent children.

How could someone with a heart support such atrocities?

And, even more so, how could someone who would confess Jesus as Lord support that? Those of us who are Christians must ensure that we keep God and His ways above politics, regardless of the issue.

For those who would disagree with me, I would welcome someone who supports Planned Parenthood, as a Christian, to defend why our country should support the organization’s heinous work.

And, if there is no explanation, then why support the president, and other Democrats who support Planned Parenthood?

If people truly believe it is ok to perform abortions (and on top of that sell the unborn children’s body parts); then, I contend that their beliefs stand in opposition to the Bible.

BTW, the de-funding of Planned Parenthood would only have been temporary, so that the allegations shown in the videos would have been investigated.

That does not seem like too harsh a path forward. However, most Democrats, and the president, apparently do not want to slow down the work of this organization, as they have continued to support its policy of performing abortions, and the selling of unborn children’s body parts.

These are a few of the things that I would like you to consider.

The only one we should blindly follow is Jesus! He has proven Himself, and He is 100 percent for us. Everyone else, we need to research, and see where they stand, relative to our beliefs.

It should not matter what their political party is, their gender, nor the color of their skin. Wrong is wrong, and I choose to be on the side of right. As far as I am concerned, the side of right is aligned with the word of God!

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