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Something to Think About: Post-Election Dysfunction

Op/Ed By Michael Vaughn


new michael vaughnAs I write this article, the 2016 presidential election has taken place, and, much to many people’s surprise, Donald Trump will be the next president of the United States!

Usually, the vote takes place, and those who lose may feel pretty bad for a while, but, after that, we unite behind the new president, and appreciate the fact that we live in a country where there is a transfer of power via a peaceful process.

However, in this election, the members of the losing party have been acting like little children who did not get their way, and are now demanding what they want.

This is the epitome of some people espousing a “victim’s mentality,” by throwing tantrums, and hoping to get their way.

However, that will not be the case here.

President-elect Trump has been elected via a process that has served this country well since its founding.

And, it is actually the longevity of the process by which we select our presidents that they are overlooking.

This nation has withstood many presidential elections, and, regardless of how good or bad the presidents have been, the Untied States of America has survived.

I, for one, am certain that, regardless of what Donald Trump does as president, the United States of America will survive.

There has been an overabundance of dysfunction following this election, including rioting; teaching students to use dangerous and hateful talk against a president; and the brutalization of fellow Americans who have voted for Donald Trump.

These acts have been un-American, and they point to a group of people who speak about diversity and tolerance; however, it is only if it is on their terms.

If we look at the Electoral College, and the way presidents have been chosen throughout the centuries, we will see the wisdom of this system.

If a president had been chosen on the basis of the popular vote alone, only a few population centers in our country would be able to speak for the entire nation, and there is nothing democratic about that.

The Electoral College has ensured that we truly have a national election, in which a candidate must campaign across the country to get to the 270 electoral votes he or she may need to win the presidency.

Just going after the popular vote would essentially mean about 10 states would dictate the direction of the country.

That does not seem democratic!

If there is a change that should occur within the Electoral College, I recommend that, instead of a winner-take-all approach, we use the popular vote in each state to allocate a proportionate number of electoral votes from that state.

Each candidate would receive a number of electoral votes based on the percentage of the vote that he or she received.

That would provide those who prefer the popular vote to have their itch scratched, and those who want to keep the Electoral College to have their itch scratched as well.

I call it a win-win!

The other issue that has been overlooked is that, the two candidates knew the rules before they started.

Only a sore loser wants a “do-over,” after they lose, fair and square.

You cannot change the rules of the game, after the game has been played, and a winner has been chosen.

Doing so would negate the legitimacy of the game.

I wonder what all of those folks who have asked for a “do-over” would think regarding the long-term consequences of such an action.

Only immature children act without considering the consequences.

In every election, there are going to be winners and losers, that’s just how it goes.

There are folks who have legitimately been upset by Donald Trump’s win, and they are working through it in accordance with the process.

I applaud those folks.

However, it is the folks who have been throwing temper tantrums, and acting like spoiled brats, who need to get a grip, and realize we live in a democracy.

Therefore, we go by the rule of law, and, in this election, Donald Trump won, and Hillary Clinton lost!

There need be no further dysfunction!

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