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Something to Think About: Realizing What Really Matters

Op/Ed By Michael Vaughn –


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As I write my column this week, my heart is somewhat heavy because I lost a dear friend of mine recently.

And, as I reflect on his life, I am reminded of the mortality we all must face.

Regardless of what we are doing, or what is going on in our lives, one day we will all have to go the way of my dear friend.

You may ask, what does that have to do with this paper, and this column?

Well, I’m glad you asked.

It has to do with keeping what matters, and what really doesn’t, in perspective.

Since President Trump was elected, there has been a consistent uproar against him, at a level that we have not seen (or at least I have not seen) at any time in the past.

And, anyone who holds public office, especially a president, should expect there are going to be some who may not like them or their policies, which comes with the territory.

However, what President Trump has had to face has been unprecedented!

How does this relate to my topic?

It relates because there are pockets of people who have allowed President Trump’s election make them re-prioritize what really matters.

Families have gone against families, church members against church members, blacks against whites, and all because of who one individual may have supported and/or for whom he or she may have voted.

The media, members of Hollywood, and certain politicians have also fed this behavior, and they have continued to keep it going.

However, we, as a nation, must stop, and realize what really matters.

It is ok to disagree, and, in America, we have the right to our freedom of speech.

However, there are those who want to silence the voices of those who disagree with them.

This is un-American!

We have to realize that, while politics, and its resulting laws and policies are important, they are not the most important things in our lives.

Therefore, we should not allow our relationships to be crippled, or even destroyed because of our political beliefs, especially with family!

What really matters are the people who are the closest to us.

When my friend passed away, it was not about who he voted for, or what party he aligned himself with; it was about being surrounded by our families, as he transitioned out of this life.

That is what really matters!

How sad is it to think that some of us may have allowed family, friends, and church families to be separated because of the political persuasions they may hold.

I have a biblical world view, and I believe that many policies the Democrats espouse and support (i.e. abortion, homosexuality, illegal immigration, etc.) are against that biblical world view, and I will continue to argue and stand against those efforts.

However, I have friends and family members, as well as a church family who support the Democratic Party.

And, I will not lose relationships over those ideas, because I realize that my relationships with them are more important than the political beliefs they hold.

The media may make a lot of money off of the fury they cause, and Hollywood personalities may get their “moment in the sun” by highlighting certain causes and statements, but we need not allow them to rip us away from the relationships that truly matter.

When we are faced with our mortality, it will not be about those who we may have argued with politically (and if it is, we will have lived a very shallow and unfulfilled life); it will be about being surrounded by our spouses, children, cousins, nieces, nephews, other family members, and friends.

It will be about connecting to what really matters.

Do not allow yourself to lose a relationship just because someone may have voted for President Trump.

Remember, even if President Trump were to win in 2020, he would be out of office at the end of 2024.

The people who matter in your life will be around long after President Trump is gone, so let’s hold on to what has longevity, and realize what really matters!

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