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Something to Think About: Rochester’s New Gospel Station

Op/Ed By Michael Vaughn –


new michael vaughnThis is the season of giving, and I have something for which I believe the Rochester area should be thankful.

It’s a new gospel station that has emerged in the city of Rochester.

However, this is not the typical sort of radio station that you might be thinking of; it is an online radio station which streams its music and talk shows onto the internet.

The radio station is called!

I believe this station is a blessing in the city of Rochester, and I am thankful for Pastor James Cooper (who is the visionary behind the station), and his staff for bringing this radio station to the area.

When I first came to Rochester, there was a local radio station that played urban gospel music and had talk shows.

Our radio broadcast, “Time to Grow” was a part of that station, WWWG (Where We Worship God).

During that time, I met and worked with some wonderful people, including Lisa Lewis and Bishop Jeffery Melvin.

These were the folks who’d helped to get me onto the radio, and that is where I developed the voice to share the messages that God has given me in Rochester.

Along with this station, there was (is) a radio program airing on WITR called “The Answer,” hosted by Pastor David Stewart and Wardell Lewis.

The Answer” came on Saturday and Sunday mornings (it still does), and played great gospel music, while providing a voice for local churches to announce their various programs.

One other station I knew of that played urban gospel music on Sunday mornings was WDKX, during a show hosted by Paul Boutte.

I’m sure there were probably other stations that played urban gospel music as well, but these are the stations that I think were the most important and popular in this area at the time.

However, over the years, as things began to change, the new owners at WWWG decided not to play urban gospel music any longer, leaving just “The Answer,” and WDKX’s “Sunday Morning Gospel.

As good as “The Answer” and “Sunday Morning Gospel” are, I believe the city also needs to have a voice for urban gospel music that airs on more than just the weekends. streams urban gospel music 24/7.

This is the vision of Pastor James Cooper, and I applaud him for executing the vision that he had in his heart.

When there is so much moral decay in the world, and there are too many people dealing with depression, having a place to go to listen to the light of the gospel through the medium of music is awesome!

Music has a way of bringing about happiness and joy for most people, in ways that other forms of communication may fall short.

The message may be the same, but when it is delivered in the form of a song, sometimes that has the ability to break into to the areas of our souls that need the most healing.

On the heels of Thanksgiving, there should be no controversy around going to, and supporting the vision of a man (and his staff) in bringing the light of the gospel to Rochester.

This station has the ability to minister to the lives of the people who, for real, need it!

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