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Something to Think About: “Safe Sites” for Opioid Users are Relatively Illegal

Op/Ed By Michael Vaughn –


new michael vaughnIt is no wonder that our society is confused on so many levels.

We have men demanding the right to use women’s bathrooms, women wanting to use men’s bathrooms.

We have states legalizing marijuana (a drug that, from a federal perspective is illegal), and we have cities declaring themselves “sanctuary cities,” or places where illegal immigrants can find a safe haven from federal officials that are only trying to enforce US law.

We have celebrities calling for fatal harm to our president, and yet they are not put in jail.

We have the most liberal colleges in our country calling themselves beacons of diversity, and champions of free speech, yet they are hypocrites when it comes to denying free speech from those who happen to disagree with their points of view.

And, adding to this seemingly upside down and backward list of things our society has embraced, people are now debating whether to setup places for drug addicts to “shoot up” in the presence of medical personnel to ensure they do not overdose!

Let me say this another way. There are folks who want to use taxpayer money to pay for facilities and medical personnel to “babysit” drug users so that these drug users, who mind you are performing an illegal act, can carry out their illegal behavior simply because we do not want them to overdose!

This is when we, as a society, have to come to our senses and say, ‘stop the madness!’

In the name of compassion, folks have lost their minds.

We are taking our laws, which have been duly passed by a legislative body, and signed into law by a chief executive, and making them null and void.

This is where relativism comes into play.

Who is it that decides which laws are legal, and should be enforced, and which laws we fed are up with, and should ignore?

When young people (or older people) decide to do the same thing, and ignore the laws of a municipality, will that municipality be able to defend itself against those who’ve decided to violate the laws they’ve deemed worthy enough to enforce?

Also, why do the people who come up with these really horrible ideas believe that the average American (or, in this case, the average New Yorker) wants to pay for these services that folks will use to break the law?

It is one thing for a municipality to tax its people to provide necessary services like education, police, fire, road repair, etc. However, it is quite another to ask people to take their legally, hard-earned money, and give it to someone to provide a service that will allow the beneficiaries to break the law.

One simply has to look no further than the failed experiment by the Rochester City School District’s condom distribution program to see that when you enable a behavior, you do not diminish it, you merely enhance it.

Since RCSD began giving out free condoms, teen pregnancies in the school district have risen.

And, just like the RCSD was wrong for initiating the free condom program, so New York State will be wrong in setting up facilities where drug users can be supervised while getting high!

It is time for people to stop being led around by folks who have what they define as compassion, but are supporting behaviors that are illegal.

We are a nation of laws, and we need to abide by them.

If we begin to arbitrarily decide we no longer like our laws, and to throw them away, al a carte, we will be headed for major problems.

I truly believe that compassionate people also have reasonable minds, and that they will realize the “help” folks are offering is nothing more than a misguided error.

We need to speak up, bring common sense back to our society, and stop supporting illegal activities in the name of compassion!

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