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Something to Think About: The Backs on Which We Stand

michael_vaughn2Op/Ed By Michael Vaughn


During the last few weeks, I’ve had the chance to look at a few videos which showed the history of black America in the United States. And, those videos have helped solidify, for me, certain points I’ve made in this column in the past.

One of which has been the fact that African-Americans are a powerful people!

We have overcome tremendous obstacles; from being taken from our homes in Africa, and being brought to America against our will, to being forced to complete hard labor as slaves, and, subsequently, suffering tremendous discrimination.

But, through all of this, we have emerged as a proud people. A people who have contributed to making America what she is today.

When you look at America today, in every area in which African-Americans have competed, we’ve excelled, including areas such as music, art, politics, education, technology, religion, etc.

We have been a blessed, strong people, who’ve demonstrated throughout history that, although we’ve faced some steep obstacles, we have the tenacity to overcome them.

And, I contend that the reason we’ve been able to overcome those challenges has been because of the backs on which we’ve been able to stand. Our forefathers also faced some extremely difficult, and horrible situations, and survived.

Every time we’ve been held back, we’ve found a way to overcome. This is because of the favor of God, and our knack to press into the fulfillment of our God-given purpose.

We were not called to be slaves, second class citizens, or beggars. We are kings and queens, and I believe there is something in our DNA which screams, “More, more, more!”

It is for these reasons, as an African-American, I am completely insulted, and offended, by what our government has done to African-Americans, primarily through the agenda of the Democratic Party.

In the past, we’d never looked for a handout. We had been hard workers, earning what we received. All we wanted was an opportunity to compete, equally. We did not look to the government to dole out our sustenance, and act as beggars.

Therefore, to always look for handouts from the government today completely flies in the face of the struggles for which our forefathers fought.

The backs on which we’ve stood were bruised for the freedoms we enjoy. And, those backs did not run away from hard work. They did not allow the government to take care of their families.

Men were men, and they did not talk down to their women, but knew their women were queens, and treated them as such, to the best of their ability.

Our homes were intact, and children grew up with morals, a good work ethic, and an understanding that it was by the grace of God we had whatever we had!

This is not nostalgia, but simply sharing the truth about what has run through the veins of African-Americans.

We have to reject what some politicians say they “do for us.” If we do not work in order to eat, we will become weakened, not strengthened.

As such, we may also become more controllable, and, therefore, subject to another form of slavery. This form may be even more destructive than before, because it will be subtle, and these political masters say they “love” us.

We are free, strong, and proud people, and have a history which no other race can understand, embrace, nor have the right to define.

Our future is bright, because of the foundation which has been laid for us. However, we have to stand proud on the backs of those who have gone before us. Those who willingly gave their lives for us to move forward, in order for us to experience more than they were ever able to!

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