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Something to Think About: The Dr.J Way!

Op-ed by Rev. Michael Vaughn

Rev. Michael Vaughn, Sr. Pastor, New Wineskin Church

Those of you that are familiar with basketball (or history at all) know who Dr. J is, Julius Irving.  He was a masterful basketball player that became a household name and one that future basketball players longed to be like.  While I don’t know this Dr. J personally, I do know a young man that I am very proud of and his name is Joshua Wilcox who has a clothing line that he just launched called, “Dr.J Way”!  Joshua is a young Christian, black, fitness and healthy lifestyle advocate and a member of my church, New Wineskin Church.  He set out on a goal to have his clothing line launched by the end of May 2021 (which happens to coincide with his birthday) and he did it!

The reason why I am writing about this young man is because he is an example for other young people to follow.  Joshua was raised in a two parent home in the city of Rochester but as many teens before him and those after him have done, he got caught up with the wrong people, was hard headed and eventually ended up in state prison.  When he went there, he had not completed high school and it seemed that he was destined for a life that so many young black people before him experienced; hopelessness and helplessness.  However, with a praying mother and church family, in the state prison, Joshua allowed God to arrest him and change his life forever.  Joshua completed his GED and when he got out of prison Joshua went on to SUNY Brockport and completed his bachelor’s degree.  From there Joshua started his professional career with a mindset to help black and brown people live a healthy life which included changes to their bodies physically through fitness as well as their eating habits.  Joshua has dedicated himself to these causes and he “preaches what he practices”.  He doesn’t just tell you about working out and eating well but he demonstrates it as well as teaches you how to “do it” and why it’s important.

In our church, we talk about the fact that everyone of us is here on the earth on assignment and that we have a God-given purpose to fulfill.  Joshua has definitely tapped into this and the more that he does, the more God reveals to him and he is able to continue forward with the plan that God has for his life.  Joshua is a very personable young man who has never met a stranger.  He is able to speak to anyone on the subject of fitness and healthy eating as well as a range of other topics and he has done so in the time since he was released from prison.  He loves to share who he is and once he does, you definitely come to like and appreciate Joshua.  He has now tapped into his entrepreneurial side with the launching of his clothing line.  From here folks can purchase his products and help them to solidify the lifestyle that Joshua is promoting.  There are many products on his website ( ) for men and women to purchase.  On his website you will see some interesting affirmations that will help you to achieve the best version of yourself; “Starve the Distractions, Feed Your Passions”; “Win the Morning, Win the Day”; “This is Lifestyle Not a Diet”.  With these resonating in your mind, there is bound to be change that occurs in your life.

Joshua has come a long way from the time that I first met him at the age of 16.  It was a God ordained meeting and a blessed relationship has developed.  I have seen the transformation that God has done in the life of this young man and I know that he is the “real deal”!  He is passionate about what he does and how and why he does it.  Please visit his website (( and support the vision of this young man.  I know that God has great things in store for him and it would be such a blessing to him (and you) to get in at the beginning of what will become of the “Dr.J Way”; because it will be life altering!

Rev. Michael Vaughn is senior pastor of New Wineskin Church. Contact him at

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