Saturday 26 November 2022
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Something to Think About: The Homosexual Agenda, and Why Elections Matter

Op/Ed By Michael Vaughn


michael_vaughn2On June 26, the Supreme Court of the United States voted 5-4 to essentially legalize same-sex marriage in the U. S. This would have been unheard of in America just 10 years ago. In that time, as a country, we have gone from the majority of people rejecting same-sex marriage, to the majority of people supporting it. Why did this happen? In my opinion, along with the aggressive agenda of homosexual activists, this effort has been enabled by elections.

In our democracy, the voters select representatives to represent them in their localities, states, governments, and Congress. And, when there are judgeships that become available, the elected bodies will determine who sits on the highest courts, both in states and in the federal government.

Therefore, the judges who have been selected, while folks may say  the judges are unbiased, are human beings, with ideas and biases just like everyone else. As a result, when we elect someone to represent us in a governmental body, we need to be prepared for the laws of the land to be written according to their biases, and interpreted in like manner. This is why elections matter.

Something I had seen that was interesting was when a preacher who confessed his love for the Lord (and I do believe him) seemed surprised at the Supreme Court ruling. His surprise had been indicative of what many African-American clergy, and lay people seem not to understand, which is, elections matter.

President Obama, Sen. Chuck Shumer, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, Congresswoman Louise Slaughter, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, Mayor Lovely Warren, etc., all support the lifestyles of homosexuals. Therefore, if given the opportunity, the judges they appoint will also be aligned to their ways of thinking. These folks have let African-Americans know where they’ve stood, and, yet, these same folks have continuously enjoyed tremendous support from the majority of African-Americans.

If African-Americans made a stand for what they believed in, these folks would either have to get in line, or not keep winning elections.

Therefore, any clergyman who has been appalled by the Supreme Court ruling, and its impacts, should not point to the Supreme Court. They should get a mirror, and blame the one who is looking back at them, if they have voted for politicians who’ve supported the homosexual agenda.

What has happened is that many people have overlooked the biblical standards of what they should believe, and grabbed onto whatever a politician may have promised them. Or, in the case of President Obama, they have grabbed onto the fact that he is black.

I actually am impressed with the president, in that he has done what he’s set out to do. And, if he is not the most, he is one of the most liberal presidents this country has ever seen. He has done more to move us to a socialistic society than anyone else in the modern era.

However, I do not fault him. I fault all those who have blindly overlooked his agenda, and for focused on the color of his skin, electing him twice!

Our vote is extremely powerful, and could have an impact, for generations, down the road. That is why we need to take our vote very seriously, and not give it up for social programs, or the fake honor of being able to state that we have had the first African-American president.

We need to understand what a politician stands for, and be willing to be activists as homosexuals have been.

They have stayed the course, and fought for what they believed in, ultimately receiving the results they wanted.

This is America, and we, as African-Americans, need to fight just as hard for what we may want. If we had done that, abortions would not have been made legal in this country, and more than 50 million children (many of whom are African-American) would have been born, the homosexual agenda would not be where it is, and the plight of our urban schools would be very different. The crime rate would also be different, etc.

We have allowed these things to happen, and have continued to allow politicians to pimp the votes of African-Americans. Elections matter; it is time we realized that, and made our voices heard!

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