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Something to Think About: The Aggressive Homosexual Agenda

Op/Ed By Michael Vaughn


michael_vaughn2The past few columns I have written have been a bit mellow, but, now, I feel it is time for me to provoke some thought, if just a bit. Over the past several months, and actually the past several years, the homosexual agenda in America has gained momentum, and came to a climax this past June, when the United States Supreme Court indicated homosexuals could get marriage licenses across the country.

The homosexual agenda has been allowed to advance, not at the ballot box, but in courtrooms which have mainly been ruled by un-elected judges, who are not truly unbiased, and who have had an agenda they have been trying to push.

While I do not believe people should be discriminated against, I am completely against the homosexual agenda. That agenda is not about working toward equality; it actually is much, much more aggressive than that. The homosexual agenda is about trying to force anyone who disagrees with the homosexual lifestyle to be discriminated against, and have their rights taken away.

Recently, at every turn, we have seen long-standing, traditional institutions in our country falling prey to this aggressive agenda, probably because people have been afraid of what someone may call them. The Boy Scouts of America has even started to allow homosexual scout masters (which is a ridiculous enablement), and churches have started to allow homosexual “ministers.”

And now, according to the Supreme Court, homosexuals can get married. Previously, when the court used the term “civil unions,” I did not like it, but I had tolerated it, because it was not “marriage.”

Marriage is defined by God as the union between one man and one woman. It is not up for debate. And, when a government decides to redefine it, they may do so, but, in the sight of God, it is not marriage. It is an imitation, and not the real thing. This recent legislation has symbolized the aggressiveness of the homosexual agenda.

Another example of this aggressiveness is a recent case where a boy who said he was not a boy, but a girl, wanted to use the girls’ bathroom at a school. In trying to accommodate this boy’s wishes, and the rights of the girls, the school initially allowed the boy to use a separate bathroom, apart from the other boys and girls.

However, that was not good enough for the student. The boy wanted to use the girls’ bathroom.

Then, when he was allowed to use the girls’ bathroom, the girls decided they did not want to be in there with him, and protested.

However, the girls were seen as bad people.

This school did not discriminate against the student. They tried to recognize the wishes of both sides, and the solution they came up with would have worked; except for the fact that proponents of the aggressive homosexual agenda repeatedly attack anyone who disagrees with them.

Later, I heard of a school district that decided they would do away with gender-based bathrooms, altogether. Therefore, in those schools, the girls and the boys would be able to use whatever bathrooms they’d like.

Only a foolish person would think such an arrangement was a good idea. However, this is another school district which seems to have been bowing to the homosexual agenda.

There was also another case, where a privately-owned bakery refused to bake a cake for a same-sex wedding. The baker ended up having to make the cake for the wedding, after being taken to court! Never mind the fact that there were probably many bakeries in town which would have gladly made the cake.

However, the aggressiveness of the homosexual agenda did not allow that to happen. They needed to go after this one bakery, which did not agree with their agenda.

Having said that, I believe a person practicing homosexuality should not be picked upon; should not be denied housing; should not be denied education; should not be denied a job; etc.

Yet, they also should not be allowed to demand everyone accept the type of lifestyles which they have chosen to live. That is where they have now infringed upon the rights of others, and that is where we, as a society, should say “enough!”

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