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Something to Think About: The Reason I Write This Column

Op/Ed By Michael Vaughn


michael_vaughn2This week, I’d like to share my thoughts regarding why I began to write this column in the first place.

There has been a bit of controversy, lately, surrounding the articles I have written.

And, judging by the comments my articles have received on Facebook, some of the folks who’ve read my column have had no clue what my motivation is for writing it.

Believe it or not, the purpose of this column has not been to stir up controversy. As the title of my column has stated, my purpose is to provide my readers, “Something to Think About.”

However, recently, when I have provided my viewpoints, it has caused folks to take tremendous exception, and to begin voicing their disagreement relative to what I have stated.

That is fine, because at least I know they have read my column, and they have thought about what I’ve shared. And, if that is the case, then my mission has been accomplished.

However, as I’ve pondered my column, and its title, I’ve noticed many African-Americans that I have spoken to, and interacted with, have typically made their decisions based on their emotions.

They have tended to get their information from the nightly news, the barber shop, or the hair salon, and have stated their positions based on that information.

However, the news media is biased, at best, and the other mediums of information they have listened to have tended to have been hearsay, or obtained from the nightly news.

Yet, if we really listened to the people we have voted for and supported, I believe there would be no way we would logically continue to support them.

For example, many of the people who have provided unwavering support for certain candidates have been churchgoers who believe the word of God is true; and have therefore been doing their best to live by His principles.

However, they have overwhelmingly supported candidates whose positions have been in direct violation of the same word of God they hear every Sunday, and are doing their best to live by.

I do realize there are most likely no candidates who will hold every belief of all other people; however, with issues concerning morality, such as homosexuality and abortion, it is beyond me why believers continue to look the other way.

I asked someone recently, who has been very involved in their church, and does their best to live by the word of God, why the Federal government should support abortions that have been performed by Planned Parenthood (this came up because this person told me about all the good work Planned Parenthood has done).

I am still waiting for my answer. But, the truth is, no one who truly believes in the word of God should support abortion.

And, the best  I will get is a bunch of emotion, name calling, or avoidance of the real issue.

Still, the fact remains, abortion is killing the most innocent among us, and most people know there is no way God would condone such a practice.

The reason I’m bringing this up is because, my desire is to have folks “think” about the positions which they seem to hold so dear.

We are in a presidential election year, and all I ask is that folks “think” about whom they should support.

No one gets my blind support. I look at the candidates through the principles of scripture, and then make my decision from that point.

We have to realize that, some of the positions candidates may take, and then get elected because of, will have an impact on how our nation will move forward.

For example, many African-Americans have supported President Obama, simply because he is black.

However, under his administration, the institution of marriage has been redefined

(At least from a secular viewpoint. I still hold onto God’s plan, that man marries a woman).

Yet, what folks need to realize is that, going forward, our nation will now wrestle with this moral issue, and will likely see the very fabric of families changed forever.

Family is the basis of every other entity in society.

In addition, because of President Obama, we have also alienated one of our closest allies, Israel, by making an agreement with Iran, a government that hates us, and hates Israel. The impact of this agreement will be long lasting, and I submit it has been brought about because people were happy to elect a black man, regardless of the principles for which he stood.

I realize that, if we are forced to “think,” we may feel challenged, and resort to the most immature means of disagreement, whether that be through name calling, being dismissive, or never addressing the real issue.

However, if someone disagrees with my positions, that is completely fine with me (I love my wife, and we do not agree on everything).

I am simply providing, “Something to Think About.”

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