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Something to Think About: There Are Some Good People in the RCSD

Op/Ed By Michael Vaughn


new michael vaughnAs we close out 2016, and look forward to the excitement and challenges of 2017, I want to give a plug to the cabinet members I met at the Rochester City School District (RCSD) recently.

I will be working with them on a project, and I was invited, along with a colleague of mine, to go down to central office, and share our idea with them.

The superintendent seemed very energetic when she responded to our efforts.

I reached out to her, and she replied personally, immediately getting me in touch with the person who could make the meeting happen.

As a result of that initial interaction, I knew we could hope to get this partnership going.

We were invited to share our idea with the district during the first half hour of a scheduled meeting.

And, our presentation was well-received.

While there was no solid commitment from the district regarding our proposal, they did commit to working with us to make our idea happen.

That decision was the basis for the title of this column, “There are some good people in the RCSD.

Currently, the city school district faces many challenging issues, which many people, including myself, have spoken about.

However, there are still some good people in the district.

And they are people whom I believe want the best for our students.

I realize I am not always right, and we may not see eye to eye on everything, but that does not mean we must be at odds over our desire to see the children of RCSD succeed.

In fact, I had a conversation with one of the cabinet members, subsequent to this meeting, which seemed very encouraging.

He had a vision for what he would like to see happen in the RCSD.

And, it is this type of passion that will help to change RCSD, and allow young people to receive a good education!

We have to be able to move beyond our differences, and to make sure we have the same objectives.

There have been many challenging issues facing our society lately, and, on the surface, we may seem to have vastly different views regarding the ways to deal with, and solve the problems.

However, as adults, and people who have causes we are passionate about, we should be able to come to an agreement for the greater good, and for that which we care about.

This was my experience with the superintendent’s cabinet.

These folks have spent their careers serving the needs of the children of this community.

They have a desire to see these young folks become successful, and, to eventually move forward.

When my colleague, who is an RCSD graduate, told the cabinet he has a master’s degree, they gave him an ovation, which represents the desire the district has to see its young folks become successful.

I am looking forward to executing a partnership that will continue to expand with the district.

I believe there are folks in RCSD that “want to move the needle.

They are not simply interested in the “status quo,” and they will help to continue to push the envelope for the good of our young people.

Stay tuned to this column, and other media outlets, to hear what we will be sharing with RCSD students in the coming weeks.

You will see, as I have seen, that there are still some good people in the RCSD!

We need to give our support, and to help them as much as possible in order to achieve the common goal of educating our young people, so they may become all they were put on earth to be!

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