Friday 30 September 2022
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Something to Think About: Let’s Welcome 2017

Op/Ed By Michael Vaughn


new michael vaughnWith the beginning of a new year, there are hopes, dreams, and expectations of starting fresh that abound around us, in our home, on the job, at the store, etc.

And, it is always a good idea to look forward to the possibilities which lie ahead.

This year, we will receive a new president of the United States, and there will also be the election of a new mayor, locally, as well as many other local political races.

As a result, the year will be filled with many challenges, as well as opportunities, several of which may simply be defined by how we view them.

For example, there will be some people who view the election of Donald Trump as a horrible challenge they must fight at every turn, as evidenced by what has been transpiring, even before he has taken the oath of office.

However, I, on the other hand, will look at the same scenario as an opportunity.

I believe that, regardless of what you think about Donald Trump, we now have the opportunity to think of ourselves as being victorious, instead of thinking of ourselves as being victims.

We need to know that we have within us the God-given ability to be all that we can be,  and that our purpose will be enabled, as we are pressed into service, and do more than complain.

It may be difficult, similarly to a baby that is beginning to learn to walk; however, we will get the hang of it.

I am not saying that Donald Trump is some great answer to the issues which plague America.

However, I do believe that his policies will cause Americans to work for what they have, and that the confidence that will come from that hard work will have far ranging benefits.

Thus far, we have been too dependent on the government, and it is my prayer that the situation will change.

We will also have local elections this year, and the most prominent one will be for the position of mayor.

My hope is that there will be a spirited campaign between the current mayor, Mayor Lovely Warren, and the other potential candidates, James Sheppard and Rachel Barnhart.

I will remain optimistic throughout the process, as I believe their campaigns will help draw attention to the needs of the community, and that the community will decide which path they desire to take.

Hopefully, it will be one that will move the community forward, and one that will tap into the potential here within the city’s borders.

I welcome 2017 with open arms, and I am committed to being better by the end, than I was at the beginning.

One thing that we as people have the power to do is to look at a situation, and make a determination as to how we will respond, which may therefore affect how it impacts us.

I also believe that we all have a purpose, and can overcome obstacles, setbacks, and disappointments, because the purpose we carry is larger than the circumstances we face.

The revelation is to know that fact, and to actually walk it out.

As 2017 begins its year-long journey, I encourage you to keep moving forward, and to make yourself, and as a result, your family and community, a better place.

Together we can do more than we can do alone.

We are also able to do more when we build one another up, as opposed to tearing each other down.

We will not always agree (and that is ok for people who are free).

However, we do not need to demean each other, and tear each other down.

In the end, who does that help?

This year is full of possibilities and potential, and, I say, let’s welcome it together, enjoy the opportunities that come our way, and make the best of them!

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