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Something to Think About: What Does BLM Really Stand For?

Op-ed by Rev. Michael Vaughn

As you know, since the killing of George Floyd Black Lives Matter (BLM) has been front and center in our country making demands and protesting.  There have been many that have joined their cause and marched with them and stood in solidarity with them.  This begs the question, “what does BLM really stand for?”.  A look at their website will provide insight as to what they believe.  No one has to tell you; they have shared their beliefs themselves—if someone tells you who they are, it would be good to believe them.

Many people in the church, especially the black church, have started to connect with this group and it pains me.  The reason why is that many of the items espoused in BLM beliefs are contrary to biblical teaching and so it is quite upsetting to see Christians supporting a movement that goes counter to what is preached and taught each week during Sunday service.

My fundamental issue with BLM is not the concept. It is their manner of execution and the people leading the effort.  IMHO, there are three areas that we as black people need to be mindful of:  We must deal with the institutional and structural racism that still exists in our country and, I believe is the evil behind the police actions that have happened against black folks. We also have to vigorously fight against abortion.  Abortion has taken the lives of 16 million black people, in the womb, since 1972.  These are many, many, many more lives that have been taken by police officers.  To not deal with abortion is to not truly espouse the idea that “black lives matter”.  We also must deal with urban violence.  Black men are killing other black men more than any police officer ever has in our urban centers.  However, BLM has been silent on the abortion issue and violence in our urban centers.  Their silence is deafening!  It says to me that there is another agenda, larger than really working for the betterment of black people that is at the core of BLM.

I have not heard any national BLM leader or local leader speak out on any issue but the situations that involve police officers.  Until they do, I for one will not support this movement.

Also, not only have they not dealt with the two additional items that I believe impact the black community; they appear to make things worse for black people.  BLM is against the nuclear family (and God knows that we need a strong black family where the man is in the home and is operating according to his God-given mandate to be the leader in his home, loving his wife and setting vision for the family).

Why would a group claiming to support black lives want to dismantle this fundamental idea that was established by God?!  Before getting caught up in the emotion of the day, before connecting with any group, folks need to do a bit of research and ask is this what I want my name and reputation connected to?

Here in the city of Rochester BLM supporters had a hand in the retirement of the police Chief Laron Singletary.  Here is a black man that had moved up through the ranks and got to lead the police in a city that he loves.  These black folks pressured the black mayor to reprimand this black chief, ultimately forcing him to retire.  This was done because of the mishandling of a death of an individual while in police custody.  I do believe that the mayor and chief have explaining to do but they do not need to resign.  Of all races of people, it appears that Black folks still lead the pack with destroying each other.  This is a slave mentality and works to continually weaken us.  The retirement of the chief is something that local BLM supporters praised.  Which is truly sad!

Be mindful of your support of BLM as they may look good with their name and on the outside, it appears that they have a good agenda but underneath what they are really about is very damaging to black people.

Rev. Michael is senior pastor of New Wineskin Church. Contact him at

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