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Something to Think About: Who Is Responsible for NY’s High Taxes?

Op/Ed By Michael Vaughn –


new michael vaughnOne of the things I try to accomplish with this column is to make people think about the various positions that they take.

The reason for this is that I believe that many people act before they think, and this can cause chaos, which usually tends to lead to more confusion.

It may also lead to others taking advantage of certain individuals, and that is what has happened with African-Americans, and the Democratic Party.

The way emotional people react can cause them not to realize what is being done to them.

For example, during last year’s presidential election, the Democratic National Committee had a black woman as its leader, for a certain period of time.

However, over the past week or so, this African-American woman has come out and shared the way she was treated as the head of the DNC.

She’s also shared the way Hillary Clinton “rigged” the system, so that Bernie Sanders really had no shot of winning the primary election.

Yet, there has been little to no coverage of this woman’s revelations.

But, if President Trump doesn’t wave at an African-American, he is called a racist.

And, the group who gets that going is the same group that treated this African-American leader poorly, and ensured that what she said was not given too much attention.

These are the kinds of things that I try to write about, so that folks can sit and think about what is happening, instead of becoming overly emotional.

That way, if people can take control of their emotions, we might be able to take away the lever that others try to use to control us.

Gov. Cuomo and Sen. Charles Schumer are also trying to use the same tactic, as it relates to the tax reform legislation that has currently been proposed in Congress.

They are trying to strike at people’s emotions, so that people will not see that they are really responsible for the state’s high-tax problem.

Gov. Cuomo is a huge liberal, and, as such, he believes in giving away what we cannot afford.

He has come up with program after program that just gives away money to one group or another.

But, he refuses to see the tremendous tax burden that has been placed on the citizens of New York who have to pay for all of these “gifts.”

Instead, Gov. “Santa” Cuomo and his friend Sen. Chuck Schumer want to blame Congress for doing such “harm” to the middle class, when the true responsibility lies within the manner in which New York has been run.

If we did not live in such a welfare state in the first place, we would not have the problem of such high taxes, and the elimination of the federal deduction of these taxes would not be an issue.

In my opinion, if the governor and the senator were truly concerned about New York, they would figure out how to remove the programs that are causing such high taxes.

Yet, they have gone back to their original play book, using people’s emotions to pit one group against another.

And, as a result, what we, as the New York state electorate, must do is realize that, if the removal of the deduction for state and local taxes were so bad, there would be no way that Congress could pass it.

If it were that bad, people across the country would complain, and their representatives would not allow the bill to pass.

The very fact that the legislation has been proposed lets me know that other states are not being so heavily taxed, and therefore they do not mind seeing the tax deduction removed.

But, if we do not logically think about these things, we will not see that they exist.

So, instead of whining about the federal tax plan, our state governor and senator should first take responsibility for the high taxes in New York, and then share with us their plan to alleviate the tax burden on the resident middle class.

After that, we can then listen to the concerns they have relative to the plan.

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