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Something to Think About: Why All The Fuss?

Op/Ed By Michael Vaughn


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Last week President Trump’s choice for the Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, was confirmed by the Senate, although the vice president had to cast the deciding vote.

Ultimately, this was one of the most contentious battles for an Education Secretary that there has probably ever been.

As a result, one has to ask the question, “Why All the Fuss?”

Apparently many people have had a problem with the fact that Mrs. DeVos does not have any educational experience.

However, my response to that is, sometimes you need a fresh set of eyes to solve a very difficult problem.

And, in my opinion, our public educational system is in a very bad place at this point.

We have gone from education to indoctrination, and we are falling behind the rest of the world.

Currently, our educational system ranks number 17, out of 40 countries, according to a recent report titled “20 Best Education Systems in the World.” ( ).

In addition, a report also came out locally, which shows the Rochester City School District ranks last in the state, relative to its graduation rates.

It would appear, then, from the national ranking, and what we are seeing here in Rochester, that those that who have had the “educational experience” have not made things better, but worse.

However, it’s not that I necessarily fault the educators, per se; I fault the National Education Association (NEA), which is a very powerful union which, in my opinion, is not as interested in educating our young people as much as they are in promoting their own agenda.

Therefore, just like a business would replace the management team if it had not been performing well, and a sports team would replace the coach, maybe to fix this educational system, we need to “replace” those who have so-called “educational experience.”

Think about it, she really can’t do much worse!

And, there are also some folks who do not like Mrs. DeVos because she has donated a lot of money to Christian schools.

Hmmm… now why would that disqualify someone?

She saw a quality educational system, and decided it was something she wanted to support.

This is not something we should look down upon, we should appreciate that she used the money she had to help young folks get an education.

Education is one of the most valuable items a society can offer, because it sets folks up for generations to come.

However, unfortunately, there are those who seem to want to use our educational system for their own benefit.

And, there were also those who did not support Mrs. DeVos because she did not attend public school, nor did she send her children to public school.

This begs the question, “How many parents in failing school districts, if given the option, would send their children to a private school if it meant a better education?”

I believe those same people who have complained about Mrs. DeVos would not sacrifice their children’s education if it meant their children would have to suffer at the hands of an ineffective school system.

As a result, when people choose to protest something, they really need to know what they are protesting about, and to decide whether or not it makes sense.

Just jumping on the band wagon, in an emotional way, is not the best way to get things done.

Lastly, there were some people who did not want Congress to confirm Mrs. DeVos because she had donated to President Trump’s campaign.

But, I would challenge anyone to research our past presidents, governors, mayors, etc., to see if any of the folks who’ve supported them have ended up holding positions of power.

Whether we like it or not, the truth is, “to the victor go the spoils.”

The victor gets to decide with whom they want to work, and, most likely, the victor will choose the people whom supported him the most.

In the end, I do not know how Mrs. DeVos will do as the Secretary of Education, however I am willing to give her a chance.

And, after listening to what folks have been concerned about, it leads me to ask the question, “Why all the fuss?”

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