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Something to Think About: Why Not Vaccinate?

Op-ed by Rev. Michael Vaughn

Rev. Michael Vaughn, Sr. Pastor, New Wineskin Church

As you are very much aware we are coming out of a pandemic that has changed our lives forever.  During this time, we have seen our constitutional rights infringed upon; freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom to assemble, etc.  The emergency powers that were granted governors were not American and if people are truly honest, didn’t really follow the science.  Many governors saw the opportunity for unprecedented power and they took full advantage of it.  A major part of overcoming the pandemic was the race towards producing a vaccine that would help the body produce the necessary antibodies to be able to fight off this new virus.  Nearing the end of 2020, a vaccine was made available and a new front in this pandemic battle was opened up.

As I write this letter today there are at least 50% of Americans that are fully vaccinated.  That represents well over 100 million people!  The issue that we now face is what to do with the remaining population that is unvaccinated.  From my perspective, leave them alone!  Never before in our history has there been an all-out assault and demonization of folks that are exercising their rights as human beings and Americans to refuse to take a drug.  From the president, to the leaders in Congress, to many governors, mayors,  clergy, heads of corporations, etc., there is a full court press to divide this country between those that have gotten the vaccine and those that have not.  

This is not the America that I know and love!  We have choices in America, which is what free people cherish, but here, now, many people want to mandate that folks get the vaccine!  That is not only un-American it is a dangerous, slippery slope that we should not go down.  For African-Americans there are roots of our past that are creeping into this discussion.  African-Americans come from a past where we did not trust the medical community because of what they did to us; in the slavery period, the Tuskegee experiment, etc.  However, we have people that are willing to just overlook that fact of history and wonder why African-Americans are one of the large groups of people that have chosen not to get this vaccine.  If they take a close, historical look at this, the mandate, demonization mentality is the same thing that was done in slavery and in the time of the Tuskegee experiment.  They will force African-Americans to have a drug put in their bodies that they do not want!

This is still America and we still have rights that should not be violated.  One has to ask a very legitimate question.  If half the eligible American population is vaccinated against COVID-19 and if the vaccine works as advertised, WHY ARE THEY CONCERNED ABOUT THOSE THAT ARE UNVACCINATED?!?!  What happens in a free society is that you provide people with truthful information (much of the COVID-19 information has been skewed, politicized, etc.) and an educated population makes a personal decision regarding whether or not they want what is offered.  Historically, up until Feb 2020, we honored the decision of the individual, even if we disagreed with it.  The thing that is most concerning about the push to force Americans to become vaccinated is the number of Americans that are passively agreeing to do so!  We should never passively allow the government to force us to take a shot because they say so!  If this were a communist country or a dictatorship, that would be different.  However, this is the United States of America that is governed by a constitution that we should never allow the government to just override!

I am not against medicine, I am not against vaccine, I am however 100% against forcing people to take them.  We make informed decisions and some will like it and others won’t, however, that is what makes a people free…the freedom to choose!

Rev. Michael is senior pastor of New Wineskin Church. Contact him at