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Something to Think About: You Should Know Who You Support!

Op/Ed By Michael Vaughn


michael_vaughn2Since last we talked, there has been a huge uproar over revelations that Planned Parenthood appears to have been selling the body parts of babies they’ve aborted. And, while abortion is horrible in and of itself, it is quite despicable to know the parts of these innocent babies have been sold for profit. As a result, my discussion today will not necessarily be only focused on Planned Parenthood, but on all those who support the atrocities of abortion.

In the civil society of America, there have been over 50,000,000 babies brutally murdered inside the mother’s womb (some have been murdered partially outside of the mother’s womb). How many preachers, lawyers, doctors, teachers, businessman, entertainers, etc., have we missed out on because of abortion? And, when people who support abortion usually describe the need for it, they never seem to mention what is going on inside the mom. It is always centered on “a woman’s right to choose.” Regardless of how the woman got pregnant, that baby is the most innocent among us, but somehow has become the most endangered among us.

The despicable acts of Planned Parenthood have brought this topic to the forefront of the American discussion again. As such, we need to know what this organization’s motivation is. The founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Senger, was part of a movement called Eugenics. Individuals involved in this movement believed there were certain races of people who were inferior to others. One such race was African-Americans.

Isn’t it interesting that most of Planned Parenthood’s abortion clinics have been located in neighborhoods where African-Americans are the most likely to live? Just do a survey, and ask how many abortion clinics are in the suburbs, as opposed to in urban centers. It is no coincidence; it is purposeful!

Margaret Senger said “Colored people are like human weeds, and are to be exterminated.” This is the sentiment of the founder of Planned Parenthood. Hillary Clinton won this woman’s award, and almost all Democrats support this woman’s ideology. They may not say what she said, but by supporting abortion, they are carrying out what she wanted. And, those who support Democrats, or any politician who supports abortion, are rallying around the cause of Margaret Senger.

Unfortunately, a large percentage of African-Americans have continued to support the Democratic Party as the Democratic Party has tried its best to wipe out African-Americans.

How has this happened?

Usually, most urban centers are controlled by Democrats, and most urban centers have issues with crime, poverty, failing schools, etc. Most urban centers also have high concentrations of African-Americans; therefore they are the large majority of voters. These politicians have enjoyed cycle after cycle of winning elections, while the plight of urban centers, and therefore many African-Americans, has gotten worse and worse.

Most Democrats support abortion, and many, many abortions are of African-American babies. Therefore, before an African-American gets a chance in life, they are murdered inside the womb, in an abortion clinic, while someone states how they want to defend a woman’s right to choose.

Consequently, when you look at the plight of African-Americans holistically, the political party they have overwhelmingly supported is the party that clearly has not been supportive of their best interests! The Democratic Party has relied on the hope that African-Americans would not gain knowledge of what they have done, and how much this party has hurt them. The Democratic Party is no friend to African-Americans!

I am not telling anyone who they should vote for; all I’m saying is that we need to know who, and what, we support. If we are uninformed when it comes to whom we choose to support, we are just as much to blame for the consequences of their decisions as they are, and essentially an accomplice to their crimes.

Therefore, African-Americans who support politicians who support abortion are just as guilty of murdering innocent African-Americans in the womb, as the doctors who are performing the abortions! So, before we pull the lever and cast our vote for someone, we should know who we support!

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