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Something to Think About: The Transgender Bathroom Issue

Op/Ed By Michael Vaughn


michael_vaughn2There has been an ongoing debate regarding whether or not those Americans that are transgendered should be able to use the bathroom of the gender they’ve identified with, and it has reached a boiling point with the passage of a law in North Carolina which forbids men from using women’s bathrooms.

People in government, business, and show business have recently stated how upset they are with North Carolina for passing this law, and how they plan to boycott the state.

However, while it is their privilege, as private citizens and businesses, to boycott what they think is unfair and wrong, I do not believe governments should have the same right.

This is another example of the way the homosexual community pushes their aggressive agenda, which I’ve spoken about in the past.

It is one thing to fight for their rights.

It is quite another to demand everyone be forced to adhere to the desires and wishes of a certain group.

And, I believe the issue in North Carolina is a blatant attempt by the transgendered community to force their way of life on the rest of the population.

A fair and equitable solution has been proposed, which stated that females should use the bathroom designated for females; males should use the bathroom designated for males; and transgendered people should use bathrooms that have been designated for them, OR use whichever bathroom is designated for the gender they were born with.

This would have enabled transgendered individuals to use the bathroom in privacy, while also allowing those who may not be transgendered  not to have to share a bathroom with those of the opposite sex.

This would also ensure the dignity and rights of all are protected.

I do also realize, however, that some may try to equate this struggle with the Civil Rights Movement.

But, to do so would be to completely misunderstand the difference between these two scenarios.

The African-American struggle has been predicated simply on the way one was born. The transgender situation has been completely based on people choosing that they no longer want to live as the sex they were born.

And, with every choice, there is a consequence.

Americans should not have to allow transgendered people to go into a male or female bathroom, if they do not wish to, because of choices other folks have made.

Here, in New York, our governor has banned non-essential travel to North Carolina, as a result of the passage of this law.

And, while individuals, and even businesses, can protest whomever they choose, I do not believe governments should have the same right.

In our system of government, which is based on the Constitution, states in this union also have “states’ rights.”

Gov. Cuomo can avoid North Carolina all he wants; transgendered people can avoid North Carolina all they want, but when the leader of a state tries to retaliate, because of what another state has done, it undermines our Democratic process, and it is also completely childish.

PayPal has also stated that, because of the passage of this law, it is not going to move forward with its expansion plans that would have brought 400 jobs to the state of North Carolina.

Again, they have every right to do that, and people also have every right to boycott PayPal (as I believe they should).

But, one thing PayPal may have failed to mention is that, under the agreement they had with North Carolina, their headquarters could have had whatever kind of bathroom they wanted.

They could have gone ahead with their expansion, allowed transgendered people to use the bathroom of the gender they identified with, and been an example of the support they apparently feel for the transgendered agenda. However, they copped out, and they now blame North Carolina.

I believe North Carolina got it right.

And, our governor, PayPal, and others have gotten it wrong!

Women should use a women’s bathroom, men should use a men’s bathroom, and those who are in transition should use a third bathroom.

There is no problem here, except the one the aggressive homosexual agenda has put forward.

Thank God North Carolina has decided to take a stand, and do what is right, by everyone!

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