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State to Invest $7 Million in NYS Food Venture Center

By Staff


cuomoprimaryGov. Andrew Cuomo announced Oct. 7 that the state will invest $7 million into the New York State Food Venture Center, operated by Cornell University in Geneva.

The governor said the state will also invest an additional $5 million to advertise the state’s beer and wine industry, as well as another $5 million to create a start-up loan fund for prospective winery and brewery owners throughout the state.

Cuomo also recently toured Anheuser-Busch’s InBev brewery near Baldwinsville, N.Y., a facility to which he said the state had given $16 million in tax credits for operations across New York, and $2 million to the Baldwinsville brewery, specifically.

The governor made the Food Venture Center announcement at the state’s third annual Beer, Wine, Spirits and Cider Summit for alcohol industry experts, Wednesday.