Friday 30 September 2022
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Still Waiting For The City & County Anti-Racism Plan

Howard Eagle

Alright, where is it?

Hopefully, here in modern-day-slave-town U.S. A., we haven’t forgotten about the fact that, when the so called RASE Commission was launched back in June 2020 (nearly nine months ago, during the aftermath of smoldering flames that had been lit in response to the brutal, savage-like-murder of George Floyd). So where is the plan that was promised?

In addition to empty-political-rhetoric about RASE being “designed to restructure governmental programs in ways that help eliminate racial and social inequities,” it was also declared by Rochester’s indicted Mayor, Lovely Warren, that “we must shape our children’s future so that everyone—black, brown, white, rich, middle-class, or poor— can fully live the promise of tomorrow, the promise of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

“She also declared: “This is the first time in history that I know of, that city and county government is looking at government specifically, how we govern, as it pertains to race relations and equity. “And of course, since RASE is an expensive, joint- venture on the part of the City of Rochester and County of Monroe, the racist (according to some members of Monroe County’s Legislature) County Executive, Adam Bello, chimed in by claiming that: “This is an historic moment in Monroe County, and we will not let it pass without consequence. We are here to make lasting changes to our systems that for far too long have perpetuated inequities that disproportionately affect people of color across our community.”

Additionally, the pair declared that the commission will “tackle systemic and institutional inequities as well as racism across Monroe County [and will] review the state of education; healthcare, including mental health and addiction services; job creation, business development; as well as other social services. “We shall soon see (at least hopefully).

It was reported at the time of its establishment, that “the commission will be empowered to examine and develop policies and legislation to overcome systematic and institutional inequities as well as racism in Rochester and Monroe County, and is expected to make proposals within six months,” which would have been January 2021 (beginning the count as of a full month AFTER its establishment).

Somewhere along the timeline, the initial delivery date got changed to February 2021 (without public explanation), and now it’s March 2021, and no report; no recommendations; no changes.

Interestingly enough, we had received information from reliable sources that former Rochester mayor William Johnson (one of three co-chairs of the Commission) is slated later this month to begin giving private (as opposed to public) briefings about the report.

An inquiry was sent to Mr. Johnson regarding a March 19th meeting that he reportedly has scheduled with religious groups listed below. His response was as follows: “By the time of this presentation, we will have presented our report to the Mayor and County Executive. And it will also have been made public. While Co-chair Dr. Shafiq is a member of this group, it is getting no special treatment. We expect that a number of groups will be meeting to learn more about our findings, and how they can participate in the implementation.” Therefore, our Coalition has notified Mr. Johnson, Mayor Warren, County Executive Bello, and others that we are requesting a meeting to learn more about [their] findings, and how [we] can participate in the implementation.”

It would be ironic if it wasn’t so diabolical that the city’s indicted Mayor, Lovely Warren claims that “systemic racism, be it in policing, education, housing, health care, and a nonprofit sector that is failing our community by failing to reflect those it serves.” Well, well, well… take a look at Warren’s and the racist (according to some members of the County Legislature) County Executive, Adam Bello’s so-called RASE Commission, and tell us whether or not it “reflects those it serves.” We are presented here with a classic case of the smutty-pot-calling-the-smutty-kettle black.

Since the Mayor and County Executive have declared that they “want to be able to deliver a plan so the community can understand that we are making sure we see results, [and one area that] the commission will review [relative to widespread, virulent, individual, institutional, and structural racism is] the state of education” — our Coalition ( can hardly contain our anticipation concerning review of their findings and recommendations.

Broad, deep, comprehensive knowledge, and crystal-clear understanding regarding historical and contemporary existence, functioning and numerous manifestations of individual, institutional, and structural racism, specifically, but not exclusively, within urban education, is our area of expertise, which we attempted (with all of our might) to offer the city-county-anti-racist-mess-makers, in the course of this process, and which they categorically rejected.

Thus we will provide it via after-the-fact-critique-and-analysis, and if they continue to reject it, as it relates to impacting individual, institutional, and structural racism in concrete, significant, measurable, permanent ways, especially and particularly within the Rochester City School District.

I will stake my very life on the fact that 10 years from now there will be NO SIGNIFICANT CHANGE. Instead, we will likely move back to the future: .