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Something to Think About: Stop the Insanity


Op/Ed by Michael Vaughn

You may have guessed I wanted to get your attention from the title of my column this week.

One of the reasons I write this column is to get people to think.

It is my opinion that, too many people do not think, or they let others think for them.

Instead, I think we should get information from a variety of sources, and then, using the brilliant minds God gave to us, think for ourselves.

As one who is a believer, the basis of my thought centers on the word of God, which I believe to be absolute.

And, one of the main principles I believe the word of God exemplifies is that we should not live as victims, but as victors.

We should not just sit around, and let people take care of us.

Nor should we look for someone to blame.

We need to strap up, and be the solution, instead of being the problem.

So, how does all of this relate to my title?

It relates to a report that I heard on Super Bowl Sunday, which said the Rochester City School District has ranked last, out of all Upstate New York Districts.

RCSD has ranked number 432!

And, while some may try to argue  the ranking has a lot to do with poverty in the city, the report also showed how a charter school in the city (drawing from the same population as the RCSD) has greatly outperformed the RCSD.

How does this relate to the word “insanity?”

It is relative to the word’s definition.

The definition of the word ‘insanity” is, “to do the same thing over and over again, and expect a different result.”

How does this apply to the RCSD?

The statement does not apply directly to the RCSD.

Instead, it has been directed to the voters of Rochester.

The ones who have continually elected the same people, and political party, to run the school district, again and again.

It is a fact that, without getting our emotions involved,  the RCSD has been a failure on many levels.

And, in my opinion, it is the fault of the politicians, and union bosses, who really do not care about the students of Rochester.

If the students have really been number one, and the focus of education officials in Rochester, why not look to adopt the practices of charter schools that have been shown to be successful?

Instead of competing against them, we should look at what is working for them, and provide the young folks of Rochester with a quality education.

That is, after all, what the more than $10,000 per student in this district is supposed to do!

And, here is a great thought to stop the insanity.

What if we vote out all of the elected officials on the city school board, and give all of the teacher’s union bosses an early retirement?

What kind of change do you think there would be?

In my opinion, the head of the Rochester teacher’s union should resign.

He has been the only common denominator in the complete failure of the RCSD for the last 25 years.

Maybe there is a correlation!

Consequently, the voting public needs to put a stop to the insanity.

We should demand a change.

We should demand the district hire people who actually care about the students, and demand improvement in the schools.

We should demand school board members, and a superintendent, who will demand  teachers’ contracts be renegotiated, and that the current head of the teacher’s union be replaced.

A generation of young people in Rochester have been losing out on a precious gift no one should be able to take away from them: their education!

People of Rochester, it is time to stop the insanity!

Vote the school board members out; vote any member of the Rochester City Council out who will not support change in the RCSD; and call for the resignation of the head of the teacher’s union.

The fact that there has been nothing done to educate the young people in the city of Rochester has bordered on neglect, and definitely is completely unfair.

How can our young people expect to effectively compete in an ever-increasingly, competitive and global marketplace, without a good education?

The only way to break out of this cycle of insanity will be to do something different!

Now is the time for change.

Enough is enough!

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