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Straight No Chaser: Adam McFadden Can Win If We Stand Up!

Op/Ed by Gloria Winston –


gloria newIt appears to me that the times are slowly changing.

I have always been a firm believer in the fact that “all things are possible!!,” and,  lately, we are witnessing less tolerance for sexual abuse and harassers, and new media that has not accepted the racist tongues of those in the national spotlight.

How swiftly and effectively social media dealt with Rosanne Barr was an indication of that.

Now, if only the NFL players would boycott.

And if Adam McFadden could be elected to Congress, I would feel even more confident that all could be well in my world, and yours.

Politically, most candidates do a yeomen’s job of trying to increase the number of new voters who are getting registered.

But, the obstacle to registering more voters is getting folks out of their comfort zones, and getting them to actually go out and vote.

Lip service that translates into actual votes has always been a problem, especially during a primary that may or may not occur during a presidential election year.

And, June 26 will be no different.

The candidates on the Democratic ballot who are seeking to replace the late Congresswoman Louise Slaughter include NY State Assemblyman Joe Morelle, Brighton Town Board Member Robin Reynolds Wilt, and Vice President of City Council Adam McFadden.

Oh yeah, there is also a red-headed wannabe in the race.

Let’s see, she’s the one who’s allegedly claimed she is an advocate for women’s rights, unless an elderly black women gets hit by a friend of hers.

In my opinion, she’s the biggest hypocrite on record.

This should be her third political loss, because she listens to the wrong people.

I also heard an RCSD school board commissioner was planning to run, but for some reason missed the deadline for filing petitions.

But, he wants to be a congressman.

What a joke!!

Me and mine will be voting for ADAM MCFADDEN, even though there is an assumption that the white male candidate in the race will probably win.

However, my personal feelings for Joe Morelle go back the way he mistreated my mayor during her first run for the office.

She is bigger than him, and he now has her support, but I will never forget how two-faced he’s behaved toward Mayor Warren and Assemblyman David Gantt over the years.

I have a long memory.

Joe Morelle thought he was a shoo-in when the vacancy for speaker of the assembly became available.

From what I’ve been told, he was walking around, very full of himself and so self-assured.

But, the black assembly members said “no,” and made him sit down by electing Carl Heastie as speaker instead.

A well-deserving black man!!

Which means all things are possible!

That also means Adam can win.

A virtual political-newcomer from Brighton, Robin is a person I also love and respect, but I am in the “it’s not her time” zone with her.

I wish she and Adam could join forces, and not split the black vote, but Robin is confident and she is working hard for a win.

However, my support goes to Adam.

He is very deserving, and, over the years, I have watched him mature, and grow to get to this point.

I believe it is his time to step into an arena that has been calling his name.

Not only has he managed to gain credibility on a national level, Adam’s love for his community has never wavered.

A few months ago, Hanif Abdul-wahid eloquently wrote about why he also supports Adam on Facebook.

He penned words that paralleled my thoughts, and, without his permission, I wish to re-publish them in an attempt to enlighten anyone who may be sitting on the fence with regard to Adam.

No sense in trying to re-invent the wheel.

And I quote: 

 [I support] Adam McFadden for US Congress, and here are the reasons why.

Adam has a record as a devoted community servant, both pre- and post his service as an aggressive councilman for our city.

His kind, compassionate, and considerate style of service has made those he’s served, and others who’ve naturally benefited from his service, whole and respected.

Adam has focused his life, resources, and service to protect our youth, invest in them, and guide them to excellence; saving them from harmful influences, while guiding them to adulthood.

From after school programs and projects like Quad A, and the Black College Tour, to personally mentoring young boys and girls; thousands of our most valuable commodities (our kids) have been guided, intervened with, and encouraged to embrace success, while moving away from poverty and setting the ultimate goals for success through hard work, moral choice, and commitment to giving back.

Adam has been a fighter for families who have suffered great loss, through violence and destruction.

This has been the hardest – seeking justice for those who have been singled out for self-inflicted and systemic injustice.

Adam has also worked hard to build a political coalition which serves every constituent in our city, and addresses the two-city metaphor that has been pointed to by numerous politicians and leaders who’ve continued to fail, and in some cases walk away from the injustice of resources that are continuously making it into the hands of wealthy developers and not-for-profits.

As the longest serving councilperson, he has watched and challenged the current development of our city to be reviewed, debated, and re-developed with transparency and reverence.

If the venerable Louise Slaughter could speak from her essence and legacy, she would select this type of record to continue her legacy in Congress – a fighter, a defender, and a moral voice for this region; let’s work to get Adam elected to Congress!   (Hanif Abdul-wahid)

I sincerely hope the community comes out in large numbers on June 26 to vote for ADAM McFadden!!

We have an opportunity to not only make history, but to elect someone who has his finger on the pulse of our community.

Stand up, Rochester!

He CAN win, but only with YOUR help!!

All you gotta do is help him Get Out The Vote {GOTV), and remember to VOTE yourself!!

Gloria Winston is a local columnist and community advocate.

(Editor’s note: The Facebook post above has been slightly edited for grammatical purposes.)

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