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Straight No Chaser: Black People Can’t Be Racist

Op/Ed By Gloria Winston


gloria newIt’s amazing how some educated folks can demonstrate their ignorance by resorting to attaching labels to others.

Folks who are in denial about our African-American history in the United States of America are usually the ones who use this tactic.

Nonetheless, those who know me know that I am not a racist, and that some of my best friends are white.

I do have friendships and kinships in other cultures, however, but when the word “racism” is used, it is commonly used in reference to black/white relationships.

Not only did a pathological liar attempt to soil my reputation on Facebook recently, they failed to understand and accept the facts, like so many of my critics usually do.

And, I am fine with it.

Their idle threats, and attempts to intimidate me, only makes them become the epitome of the words “control freaks,” and reminds me that there are those who may think they have the right to tread on my First Amendment rights.

As I’ve previously stated, I don’t write for acceptance from anyone.

However, I do feel I am obligated to create controversy, at times, and I do my job WELL.

I write because it is my job to tell the truth, and to educate my community. There are those who are interested in knowing what I think.

And, just because you disagree with my infamous opinions, that does not make me wrong.

Likewise, just because I can’t, won’t, and refuse to support evil, that does not make me a racist.

Just because one person I may fail to support may be of European descent, that does not make me a racist.

And, just because I’ve questioned the upbringing and mindset associated with our history being deleted from the history books, that does not make me a racist.

Just because I’ve recognized the struggle of my people since slavery, and that our society has not rid itself of hate groups like the KKK, skin heads, and others, who would just as soon erase black folks from the planet, it also does not make me a racist.

And, just because I recognize bigots, and those who have perpetuated an agenda which promotes hate, it does not make me a racist.

Just because I love me, and my people, that does not make me a racist.

Just because I always have, and always will, support those who look like me, who are trying to break through the glass ceiling, and climb over walls; that does not make me a racist.

And, just because my feet do not fit into that box some people would like to put me in, it does not make me a racist.

For those who do not know me, I fear nothing but GOD!!!

Recently, I was called a racist by someone who shares my pigmentation.

However, anyone who truthfully understands the definition, and origin of racism, would know the following (as excerpted from an article regarding the definition of racism per the Oxford Dictionary):

“Racism is directed from majority to those not in the majority, and has its roots in economics.”

All humans I know are prone to err.

The only time I walk on water is when it is frozen.

I also make mistakes, and, when I do, I am the first to apologize to anyone who’s misinterpreted my intent.

I intend to educate my people, in my own way.

I am not a college professor like Howard Eagle, the consummate educator. However, I have been thanked by many of those whom I have been instrumental in enlightening.

Trust me; I have been further around the block than some people have been around a hambone.

And, what good is knowledge if there is no one to share it with?

So, ultimately, I can respect everyone’s right to agree or disagree.

Why can’t some others do the same?

In the end, I have concluded that, the ones who want to reach out and touch me, threaten me, or attempt to intimidate me, all fall into the same category.

Some are ugly, both inside and out.

In fact, they’re so ugly, they need to keep money in their bank accounts, because I doubt any woman would notice them unless they had it.

However, the category of those who have failed to support me, and to see me is not vast.

These folks are simply narrow-minded, ignorant regarding their history, and probably have low self-esteem.

And, unfortunately, they have failed to see the worth in themselves,so they have sought to search and destroy others, who are proud and in love with themselves, and with life.

They share a miserable, loveless existence in this world.

These are the men who often share the same values as OJ Simpson.

Meaning, when Miss Anne begins to factor into their lives, their actions are driven by the need to disrespect those women who look like them, in order to please her.

After all, Miss Anne is something these men were raised to believe was untouchable.

So, they have become the empty kettles who make loud noises, so they can be seen and heard, especially after being embraced by Miss Anne.

You can find the Judas syndrome in their DNA easily, and they usually leave a trail of broken promises, broken hearts, and betrayal in their paths.

They are the types of men who initially pretend they love their women, and support their women, but, before all is said and done, God reveals who they really are, if their significant others are paying close enough attention.

We, as human beings, sometimes miss the warning signs, and we not only embrace these closet demons, but we make the mistake of getting too involved with them. They live to betray, and betrayal makes them feel powerful.

They know they are ugly, both inside and out, however they attempt to hide the truth from those of us who trust them.

I’m sure everyone knows some folks like the aforementioned, and, most of us have had to experience the sort of pain that comes when we realize they are just no good.

And, God help us if these people get a degree or a title.

They become impressed with themselves, and dismayed when others fail to bow down to them.

However, just remember: God don’t like ugly, and he couldn’t care less about pretty.

I don’t do ugly at all.

And, only an ugly and ignorant black person would consider another black person to be racist.

Newsflash: It’s impossible.

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