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Straight No Chaser: Bob Lonsberry You Owe The Mayor and City Council President an Apology!

Gloria Winston

Op Ed by Gloria Winston –

It is not my intent to emulate the rudeness of Bob Lonsberry. He is a God to many people who embrace white supremacy in this community; so, far be it from me to be insulting enough to not call him by name, even though he was evasive enough in a recent blog of his (Lonsberry: The Silence of the Press) not to call me by name.

His intended rudeness and his obnoxious behavior to me while criticizing our Black leadership is duly noted. The Souls of Black folks are a seemingly a favorite target of his. The recent Blog I am referring to speaks to his attempt to question the Mayor as usual, only because she is not white like him. Question: Has he ever had anyone Black on his radio show or is that off limits??

Newsflash: The recent firing of a Channel 10 meteorologist, Jeremy Kappell is just the tip of the iceberg, Bobby!! See, some folks like me are sick and tired of being sick and tired of the pitiful excuses folks like you in our community come up with when they get caught with their pants down. Calling Martin Luther KING, Martin Luther COON was no accident. It certainly was something that slipped out of his mouth; but to me it had to be something on his brain or a term possibly used by him and his friends in certain circles. All he had to do was OWN it and apologize and stop the videos trying to make him look like a victim. He is NO victim!!

So Bobby, how could you begin to believe that “carpetbagger” is not a term associated with negative overtones and oftentimes directed at Black folk? What dictionary are you researching your terminology in? Since you like taking pot shots and coming into my community uninvited with your so called criticism, you may want to stop by a library of my choice and research the terms Black people find racially charged and OFFENSIVE. Words like Orangutan or Buffoon, or how about PICNIC—as it was used during the Jim Crow era??? Do you know the origin of that word, Bobby? You are no expert on Black culture or terminology considered unacceptable by our standards yet you continue to insult my people with your empty words.

Lest we forget, you should recall how the name calling hurts people of color—especially when terms are spoken by so called professionals and alleged intelligent people. Your history in the name-calling business should have taught you this. We can revisit history again although you may think you are safe because you managed to get your job back at WHAM but you like to skate on thin ice and think no one is noticing your insulting behavior.

I find it interesting when folks ease their snake-like head out of a hole periodically to attack Black leaders and then duck back in their slimy hole thinking no one saw or noticed.

So Mr. Lonsberry, you are not quite as bold as you used to be but you are on my list of those who need to be GONE from this community. Can you name any Black people you’ve helped? Is being a career white supremacist something you aspire to??

Since her installation, you have found many occasions to criticize, insult and attack our distinguished mayor. You continue to host her detractors because you can. But if you no longer have a show on WHAM, what then?

Your pitiful words called attention to my being a supporter of the mayor. My friendship, my kinship and my support is not your business. Perhaps you are jealous? I will always stand for what is RIGHT. She is an educated, intelligent, professional woman with a vision, unlike the low lives you hold in high esteem and provide a vehicle for them to criticize her.

When are you going to criticize your red-haired friend and question why she is harassing city government? She has no official job to do so yet she spends her time making up so called crises, much like Trump. You and your ilk are delusional. You all can dish it out but can’t stand the heat when it comes back to you.

BRAVO!! The Mayor and City Council President displayed a show of the unity we need to see more of. See you and people like you come into my community and say and do what you like thinking there will be no consequences to your words and actions. Ha!! That day is over!!

I am extremely proud of my Mayor and City Council President. I am extremely proud of the Rochester Association of Black Journalists for making a statement. I am extremely proud of my brothers Kenneth Muhammad and Jason Muhammad. The Lion is no longer sleeping tonight. Be clear, Bobby; your failure to address me by name was insulting. Your attempts to diminish my importance to my community, duly noted. There is nothing you can write that will determine my value or worth. My community loves me and it might surprise you to know how many Whites encourage me as well. I speak truth, while you put yeast in what you call facts. I encourage my mayor and others to speak out about injustices. We have lived with the like of you staining our community long enough.

All your words managed to accomplish were idle threats being made to our distinguished VP of City Council Adam McFadden and names like COONS and NI%&AS being called to every other person answering phones at City Hall. That’s what you’ve accomplish, Mr. Big shot.

You managed to spread more ignorance and hatred with your unkind words. You owe the Mayor and city Council President a sincere apology by pointing fingers at them and attempting to make them look like they had no business protecting their constituency.

If Bill Johnson was an orangutan to you, what do you call Lovely Warren in private? You protect white women who pal around with men who abuse women so what do you think about a GOOD person trying to make improvements in the community she loves dearly? Stop carrying the torch for losers and recognize a WINNER when you see one, regardless of their color. Give our Mayor the honor and respect she has EARNED!

While you are pointing fingers and attempting to give credence to racism, I promise we will not stand by idly. Your brand of journalism stinks up our community!! Your pitiful attempt to silence the Black leadership in our community is falling on DEAF ears. This is a NEW Day!! Get over yourself, Bobby!!

Gloria Winston is a Community Activist, Writer, Communicator, and Political Activist. She is a native Rochesterian and has been involved with numerous community organizations in Rochester. Contact Gloria at:

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