Saturday 28 January 2023
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Straight No Chaser: David Gantt is a Man of Integrity

Gloria Winston

Op/Ed by Gloria Winston –

NYS Assemblyman David F. Gantt does not need defending. The career politician—serving 15 years in The Monroe County Legislature and another 30 in the NYS State Assembly—was recently mentioned and according to a Channel 13 interview drew speculation as to whether he is involved in the recent arrest and investigation of NYS Assemblyman Joe Errigo.

Y’all just need to cut it out!!! I can personally assure you that my friend of 50 years is squeaky clean and is not going to ever soil his hands or reputation like so many others—who think they are slick—have done.

David has always said, “If ever get arrested for anything it will be for looking at some girls legs.” The David I know is honest to a fault. He is quick to tell you what he thinks about you but taking bribes, embezzling, corrupt practices or anything that would taint his spotless name is not something you could pay enough for him to consider. His love of his community, his respect for his mother’s legacy simply would not allow him to do that.

When I read that Assemblyman Joe Morelle and Assemblyman Harry Bronson were also questioned I was almost relieves that it was not just a “Get David” move as I initially suspected.

It is a known fact in our community that the only thing the media seems to focus on when it comes to David is that his grass may need cutting. He is never given the respect or props he deserves for the good, allocations of funds or development he has contributed to in our city.

Let’s examine the facts as I see them. Take a look at who has been targeted and consider whose fingerprints are all over the accusations. Would not surprise me to discover Errigo was set up by this sleazy tag team. Some people even though they can’t win elections continue to think they are smarter than everyone else.

Let’s take a hard look at the political losers still slithering around looking for a win somewhere. Look at the relationships or lack thereof with Joe Morelle and Harry Bronson… hmmmmm. Most of you all know the story and may agree with me. Those who are the most corrupt often find a way to create smoke screens and strategies to search and destroy those they have fallen from grace with. I don’t need to call names. You know exactly who I am talking about, if you follow the politics in this community.

Some are so smart they are stupid because only cowards and bullies would hit an elderly woman who walks with a cane. I hope to see the abuser get the opportunity to bully Bubba from behind bars soon. But I digress!

As previously stated, Assemblyman David F. Gantt has no need to take bribes. He loves himself and his community way too much for that. Not to sound redundant but it does not take the FBI to figure out who is stirring this messy pot. David is not afraid of a good fight. He is a scrapper but he runs from scandals or anything looking like it. Integrity is KEY with him.

The David I know has served us with honor! I recall having breakfast with him in Albany a few years ago and a downstate politician under investigation at the time approached our table. David spoke politely but in the next breath told him to get away from his table because he did not trust him or his agenda and did not want to give the appearance they were buddy-buddy. David told me he believed the person to be wired and looking for people to take down with him.

My David Gantt is nobody’s fool. Fools don’t continue to get re-elected like he does. His people love him. His haters resent that!

In a recent interview I was involved in with a journalist working on a book that will cover local history, David’s name came up and I expressed how I felt about how badly David has been treated by the local media. If it is not something negative they can attach to him then they are uninterested.

If you want to know local history, I am the one to ask! I have said repeatedly and will say again that if David F. Gantt was a white man we would be dedicating highways, bridges schools, libraries, and have streets named in his honor. There surely should be a plaque hanging in the lobby of the Eastman School of Music or Theatre in his honor. Davis has always put his community and his constituents first.

Just because he is a friend of Joe Errigo does not mean he is his clone or followed in his footsteps for any reason. David has values most would be hard pressed to accept or understand. He is a good man and just what our community has benefited from for decades.

He does not have a corrupt bone in his body and those who tested those waters have fallen by the wayside and continue to lose their credibility. David is not in that number; he just keeps on mentoring and developing other winners. .

His enemies are not as powerful as they would like to think they are. They keep trying but fail to remember that when you dig a hole for anyone, dig two, because the other one is for you. David is not the one!! He has always been a man of integrity!

Gloria Winston is a Community Activist, Writer, Communicator, and Political Activist. She is a native Rochesterian and has been involved with numerous community organizations in Rochester. Contact Gloria at:

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