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Straight No Chaser: Donald Trump May Be the Next POTUS

Op/Ed By Gloria Winston Al-Sarag


gloria_winston_al-sarag2Since so many Republicans are making their intentions known so early in the game, I thought I would join in the fun, and make a prediction about who our next POTUS might be, if we aren’t careful. I kid you not. It is looking like Donald Trump is really in it to win it this time.

As an armchair political strategist, I find his ability to keep his name in the media with unpaid advertising bordering on genius. Since the day Donald Trump announced his intention to reside at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, there has not been one day his name has not made deadlines, although it’s been mostly for outrageous and sarcastic comments, which have been perceived by some as not being worthy of a presidential candidate

Those people, however, expressing their sole opinions, have only one vote. Many forget we live in a political climate which sees nothing wrong with the Sarah Palins of the world.

Personally, I see the Donald as a media genius. He is a very smart man, and, even though he can afford the kind of public relations campaign most who are considering running as a presidential candidate could ill afford, his media exposure has cost his campaign nothing, to date.

Out of a field of 16 or more Republican candidates, only 10 appeared on stage in Cleveland for the first Republican debate. Donald Trump was one of them. And, the more outrageous he gets, the more some folks like him.

At this writing, he has been considered the front runner in what will prove to be an interesting race on both sides of the aisle. The Republicans have an unprecedented number of candidates who have announced their candidacy. Candidates like John Kasich, Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Carly Fiorina, Lindsey Graham, Scott Walker, Chris Christie, Lincoln Chafee, Bobby Jindal, Rick Perry, George Pataki, Rick Santorum, Mike Huckabee, Marco Rubio, Jim Gilmore, Bob Ehrlich, Mike Huckabee and Harold Stassen.

Mitt Romney and John Bolton pulled out, or declined interest early; Sarah Palin has yet to declare, and may settle for being in the Donald cabinet, as he recently offered. Ben Carson, a novice to the political arena, is the only fly in the buttermilk, but has had campaign trouble already. Top staffers have been defecting as we speak.

Personally, I thought he was a joke when he announced, and that has not changed.

In my opinion, the person who should be the front runner is the only candidate of Latino persuasion, and that is Cuban-American Marco Rubio. If Hispanics were culturally supportive of one another, the remarks the Donald made about Mexicans would have had them rallying around Rubio, unapologetically. But, politically, the Latin, Hispanic vote is more disconnected from their own than those who consider themselves astute, intelligent voters in the black community.

We have yet to be. But, I digress.

By now, many of you may be wondering why I have been looking at the Republican field of candidates so closely. First of all, I have been genuinely surprised to see so many of them. Most, of course, will not stay in the race, or be able to raise the money which will enable them to go the distance. But, it is the variety of candidates that intrigues me. The Republicans used to be more united, and seldom ran primaries, but, much seems to have changed. Additionally, I have been a card-carrying member of the Republican party a time or two, for those of you who may not have known. I changed my party registration when Bill Clinton was not in D.C. to greet 1,000,000 black men during the Million Man March. I was insulted by the fact that he had been in Texas at the time, and had the nerve to send a VIDEO greeting.

I registered as a Republican the next day, because his actions had been indicative of the things I found distasteful over the years as a Democrat. I have often said, and felt, we, as a people, have been taken for granted, and treated much like field negroes on a plantation.

When it is time to work the fields (knock on doors), pick the cotton (register voters), and get the cotton delivered (GOTV election day…Get Voters Out To Vote).

Currently, I am a registered Democrat, but not a party loyalist. The way the leadership in Rochester did my mayor after she WON the primary vote has more than left a BAD taste in my mouth. They sliced and diced her, and played every despicable game they could to assure her demise.

But, GOD! The way the party employment opportunities are constantly filled by everyone but us is making me lean hard for a Donald Trump in office. We have a black president, and look how he has been treated, like dirt or something on the sole of someone’s shoe, as though it smells, and they want to wipe off their foot quickly. Even though Barack Obama ran as a Democrat, and has served as a Democrat, I have been dissatisfied with the negativity that has not been denounced by many in his party. Democrats, especially locally, need to take a good look at themselves, and how they treat their most LOYAL constituents.

There you have it! Those laughing, and shaking their heads need to take a good look at Donald Trump, and what he brings to the table. He has the money, he is very intelligent, and he sure knows how to keep the cameras pointed in his direction. Some are, of course, banking on Jeb Bush pushing to the forefront, but, that remains to be seen. Donald Trump has a personality, and, in my opinion, is a serious force to be reckoned with. I could be wrong, of course. I have been wrong before. However, time passing will reveal all, and the previous debate has also revealed much. The debate was interesting, as promised. Stay tuned!