Thursday 1 December 2022
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Straight No Chaser: Go Somewhere and Sit Down Hypocrites

Op/Ed by Gloria Winston Al-Sarag

Gloria Winston Al-Sarag

Gloria Winston Al-Sarag

You can’t denounce Bob Lonsberry, Rachel Barnhart, and racist stuff about our mayor posted on Craigslist, then turn around and support the kind of degrading remarks which were made in a recent blog about the recently-widowed Amy Pierson, and get ANY respect from me.

I recall these so-called journalists’ degrading, attacking, and, at times, saying hurtful things about folks in our community, our leadership in particular; and there were folks in the community who came out forcefully in defense of our leaders.

And, even though I think both Barnhart and Lonsberry were probably called on the carpet by their employers for their overzealous attacks, particularly those directed at the mayor; it has also appeared to me that Lonsberry may have placed a target on Adam McFadden’s back, as well.

I have written about it; I’ve complained about it, as have others.

However, here is where I have gotten confused.

If “Yellow journalism” is something we are battling against, and claim we have had enough of in our community, then HOW could ANYONE support the trash which recently had been written by this blogger—whose name I refuse to even dignify with a mention?

If you have not had your head in the sand, then you will know exactly what I am alluding to, which had been a scandalous piece of smut speaking to the alleged sleeping habits of Mrs. Pierson, a woman whose husband—a Rochester Police Officer—recently had been killed in the line of duty.

The blogger alleges that Mrs. Pierson had been having an affair with a Rochester Police Department lieutenant.

MY first reaction was, “So what! Who cares?” Don’t we have enough going on in our community that needs our attention? When will we stop worrying about the activity in someone else’s bedroom?

However, the comments I subsequently received, when I expressed my outrage on social media, were laughable. Especially the ones which had come from people I now consider blatant HYPOCRITES, who have been claiming to be leaders, and are vying for political office, AGAIN.

Yes, I’m referring to Howard Eagle.

It is sad to me that anyone who has run for office as many times as he has, just can’t figure out what may be in his way.

Hypocrisy could be one reason, not to mention his inability to respond, or express his concerns, in a paragraph, or short sentences.  No one wants to read a novel.  I’ve spoken to many people who’ve said they’ve just hit the “delete” button, whenever they’ve stumbled across one of his rants.

Granted, some may have done the same to me, but, my point is, I have NOT been running for office.

I believe anyone running for office should take constant inventory, and ask whether people have been running from them, or to them.  One would think an educator would get it by now.

I will now adorn a full set of armor, and duck for the response I anticipate, for sharing my opinion. See, there have been some people who have defied criticism, all the while expecting that; when they voice their opinions, it should be received as the gospel.

There was a recent interview conducted with Sarah Palin, which focused on her attempt to justify her son using their dog as a step ladder.  While watching the interview on TV, it suddenly occurred to me that she, and Howard Eagle, have a lot in common.  They are both wannabe politicians, who seldom have on their listening ears.

They both know EVERYTHING about everything, and don’t know how to disagree, without becoming disagreeable. And, any attempt to debate either of them would likely produce fodder worthy of a Saturday Night Live skit.

I had a former boss, Ed Croft, who used to love to say he believed people who were seeking Ph.D.s, and other degrees, could sometimes stay in school too long. He believed too much education could cause people to lose their common sense.

And, many others have said common sense is surely not common anymore.

I have often found myself in total agreement; especially after reading and hearing some of the rhetoric which has surfaced from time to time.

Oh yeah, I already know I have a “spanking” coming. But, it won’t be the first, or the last time for me, because I will continue to tell the TRUTH.

While I am out here on this limb, perhaps I can take a poll, and ask whether anyone else other than me has been sick and tired of Howard Eagle trying to get elected as school board commissioner?

Perhaps he should take a WINNING page out of Ernest Flagler’s playbook, by aligning himself with those who know how to WIN elections.

After five or six tries, I think it is safe to say, either Eagle has been running for the WRONG office, or the political arena has not been within his grasp for a reason.

Better still, perhaps he should stop using his column in the Minority Reporter to campaign, instead of paying for advertising like all the other political candidates have been required to do.

I think this community has been way past its time for NEW BLOOD, and needs to move the gatekeepers along.

However, don’t get it twisted. This is not personal.  I do perceive both of the aforementioned people to be intelligent.

Yet, it is their lack of common sense which I have found to be questionable.

If you have been vying to be a political candidate, how could you not see the people you’ve turned off, or attempted to whip with your words, will NOT be the ones you would be able to count on for votes?

Most politicians have been loyal to their constituency bases, but, I know for a fact, there are many who have started out as supporters in various races, but have been sliced and diced on the other end of the campaign.

There are some things which have been considered to be committing political suicide in the political arena. One of them is to slice and dice the people who have once supported you for office.

Politicians have to be humble, and not always smack dab in the middle of controversy. In addition, they should not be the ones creating it.

So, please, hypocrites, go sit down, because all you have managed to become are plate glass windows.

Most folks see right through you.

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