Saturday 4 February 2023
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Straight No Chaser: Mr. Lack of Integrity Wants to be Mayor!

Op/Ed By Gloria Winston


gloria newWhile I was bracing for the ride into the Twilight Zone we will all be experiencing on Jan. 20, I thought I was hearing things when I heard James Sheppard mouth the words that he would be a better mayor than Mayor Lovely Warren recently.

As I listened, amused and interested in how much he was trying to sound like Donald Trump, I waited for him to elaborate on his record, both politically and administratively.

He bragged about his 30 years with the Rochester Police Department, but, I missed what it is he thought he actually accomplished in those 30 years.

Sheppard was standing there, with that microphone in his hand, because he, like his supporter Vince Saunders, are both what I believe one would call DISGRUNTLED EMPLOYEES.

The city let them both go, and the mayor had the good sense to replace the alleged former police chief with someone who had better CREDENTIALS, as well as an EDUCATION, the current RPD Chief Michael Ciminelli.

Ciminelli is a man with integrity!!

Great job Mayor Lovely Ann Warren!!

Crime is down 25 percent, right??

I was also surprised that Sheppard did not bother to introduce his wife, who happens to be white.

So, I felt the need to give her some respect, and I posted their pic on Facebook, so we would all know he has a wife who happens to be white.

Do I care???

Not really, because we can’t help who we love, or who loves us, whether they be black, white, green, or yellow.

I have more than a few mixed marriages and whites in my family, and it’s the origin of some of these marriages I have BIG problems with, culturally.

I have NO respect for black men who leave their black children to fend for themselves.

And, from what I heard at the swap meet, this is EXACTLY what Mr. Lack of Integrity did.

He’s allegedly had NOTHING to do with his children, until recently.

Maybe because he found it to be politically incorrect to be considered a real dad? IJS.

Anyway, I digress.

All you have to do is carefully examine who was in attendance at the wannabe mayors’ press conference.

There was Marlowe Washington, the emcee who tried to compare Sheppard to God, in my opinion.

Mollie Clifford was also in attendance, and so was Tom Richards.

What does that tell you?

The bottom line is that most of the individuals who attended the press conference were the ones who had failed in their attempt to get Richards re-elected.

What you had in that room was the status quo. Most were white individuals, who have for decades perceived themselves to be the folks who run things.

What a pawn Sheppard is.

I think he really thinks they love and respect him.

Sheppard’s candidacy could be used as a placeholder, in an attempt to split the vote.

However, I suspect the folks in that room REALLY want him to be mayor, because he can be controlled so easily.

He will do as he is told!!

There is also the matter of Sheppard’s being an alleged slumlord.

David Andreatta , a reporter with the Democrat and Chronicle, beat me to the punch, because I had heard at the swap meet that, between 1999 and 2010, he was just that, a slumlord.

Our Voice Magazine also did an excellent expose on Mr. Lack of Integrity, recently.

For years, David Gantt has been crucified relentlessly for letting properties deteriorate, but you never heard about Sheppard’s housing issues, until recently.

It is also rumored that, when he was director of the city’s Office of Public Integrity,  he did not even live in the city, as was required.

And, now, Sheppard wants to be mayor.

In my opinion, James Sheppard does not hold a candle to Mayor Lovely Ann Warren.

However, his slave mentality will not allow him to admit she has done a great job for our community.

He and his supporters seem to thrive on their attempts to divide and conquer. However, that tactic did not work four years ago, and it will not work in 2017.

If Lovely Ann Warren wants to be mayor again, she WILL be!!!

You better recognize.

She HAS integrity. She is NOT scandalous.

Sheppard should be ashamed that he is not big enough to give Mayor Warren credit, and support the magnificent job she is doing!!! (No pun intended.)

Go find some integrity Mr. Sheppard, and then get back to me, because, Mr. Lack of Integrity, you are not close to being qualified!!

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