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Straight No Chaser: Negativity Gets No Pass from Me

Op/Ed By Gloria Winston –


gloria newAs some may have noticed, I have been trying to take a break from writing SNC to work closely with my mentors on getting my first book published.

I have tried.

I’m no longer the social butterfly I used to be, however, I did enjoy myself at “The Mayor’s Ball” this past Saturday.

It’s the fifth one I’ve attended, and each have been as well attended as this one; they’ve served great food and desserts; and Carlton Wilcox has always delivered live music like the professional he is.

What can I say about Kadijah Yawn that has not already been said.

Her D.J. skills have always been on point, and she knows how to assess her audience.

The music she played had some who danced all night walking out with those cute high heels in their hands.

As for me, in my ignorance, it took me all night to figure out the candles on the tables did not have an actual flame.

The flame that was flickering was controlled by batteries, and an on and off switch.

I sat there trying to figure out how to blow one out without creating a smoke screen around me, and then someone with the knowledge introduced me to the on and off switch at the bottom.

I salute the organizers for keeping this event classy, overall.

And, our beautiful mayor was the belle of the ball.

Her dress was gorgeous, as usual. After all, it was made in her honor.

Her husband Tim, and her daughter Taylor, were also dressed to the nines, and together they looked like they’d fallen out of a glamour magazine.

After the week Mayor Warren had in dealing with the disappearance and death of Trevyan Rowe, the passing of the Honorable Louise Slaughter, and more, the mayor deserved to let her hair down.

The dance floor knew her name when all was said and done.

And, we are fortunate in this community to have such a naturally and spiritually beautiful mayor.

I say that unapologetically, and I don’t claim to be objective when it comes to her.

That’s my girl!!

Everyone in attendance was rocking those gowns and suits we seldom get the occasion to wear in Rochester.

It was certainly a night to remember!

However, alas, today came with the reminder that, regardless of how well and event goes in Rochester, there are always the closet haters who find a way to throw rocks, and shade.

I did try not to get distracted, and I tried not to address some of the negativity that found its way to Facebook.

But, the temptation for me to address some people’s ignorance, and their subtle attempts to smear the mayor and the event organizer won.

First of all, some people complained about the cost of the ball, and, it was obvious to me that they were poor people like me.

City Councilman Adam McFadden tried to explain to those concerned citizens that “The Mayor’s Ball” is a fundraiser, and how the proceeds are added to the mayor’s political war chest.

Yet, my main problem was with some of the comments, concerns, or what I considered to be negativity.

What bothered me most was the forum in which these individuals chose to vent their concerns.

To those who are clueless, let me say, Facebook is NOT the place to solve any issues you may have with the mayor or anything she does, unless you are seeking vengeance.

The mayor and her staff are always approachable.

Try it sometime.

Stop trying to be Facebook superstars, shining nothing but light on yourself, and begin to act like you know what UNITY in the COMMUNITY looks like.

Most of these haters talk that supportive crap, but walk alone, like the Lone Ranger who is seeking attention.

And, there are some folks who really don’t understand politics, and therefore may not be aware that this event was not just a dog and pony show, but meant to RAISE MONEY!!

Some folks who think they know politics don’t seem to get that either.

Like I said, I didn’t have a problem with the complaints, but I had a problem with the fact the no one in City Hall was contacted before the Facebook expose. The mayor and her staff have always had an open-door policy.

However, grand-standers have always gotten my attention because it is not necessary, and we should all strive to collectively support our leadership.

We have a responsibility to educate ourselves, and to air our concerns like intelligent folks.

I get so sick and tired of people claiming to be educated acting like functionally-illiterate buffoons who are looking for attention at the zoo.

As a result, I’ve felt the need to remind others that I too am outspoken, and, if you don’t know by now, I am a staunch supporter of the mayor’s, so you need to ask somebody.

She will not have her character or actions called into question by those who are choosing to insult her simply because they can.


Mayor Warren takes enough criticism from the resident sleazy racists in this city, without having to battle her own people too.

I just wanted to remind folks that, anytime you come at her like a snake, in front of her, beside her, on the ground or throwing rocks from behind a tree, I am coming for you, and will make it my career goal to seek your demise.


We have to learn how to PROTECT our own, and not consistently be caught standing in a search and destroy line with the enemy.

In my opinion, looking for solutions on FACEBOOK is not the answer.

Let’s get it together folks, and stop playing these games with each other.

I see you, and every-time I do, I will expose you. That’s MY job!!

My recommendation for those who did not get discounted tickets, and could not afford a ticket outright, is to update your friendship list.

Ain’t no shame in being poor, and not being able to afford the cost of a ticket.

Here’s a tip. When folks buy a table, they usually seat others at the table with them, or, in some instances, tables may be bought and the persons or company making the purchase have no intention to attend, and may donate the tickets back to the event organizers.

Ask the right questions in the right places.

When I hear people say, “I was a volunteer on her campaign,” and say so with a sense of entitlement, I get furious!!

People who volunteer to help any politician should do so because they believe in the candidate, and because they are seeking to support someone who can make a difference in their communities.

And, they should also do so because they are doing it from their HEARTS, not because they feel entitled to anything.

Some of us STILL don’t get it!!!

To do anything other than what I have suggested would make you one of those FAKE closet haters, and, when your nonsense makes it to my radar screen I am just stupid enough to say so!!

Go take several seats, please! Negativity gets no pass from me!!

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