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Straight No Chaser: O.J. Did Not Do It!!

Op/Ed By Gloria Winston


gloria newThe controversy surrounding O.J. Simpson, and whether he was guilty or not, of murdering his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman in 1994, has recently resurfaced on social media.

Not long after he was acquitted of murder, I weighed in and shared the conclusions I had drawn regarding the outcome.

And, I felt then as I do now –  that the jury got it right.

I was of the opinion then, and I still believe today, that O.J. did not kill Nicole Simpson, or Ron Goldman.

In my opinion, O.J. had become a convenient and immediate suspect, and the LAPD had failed to consider any other possibilities.

Some of the cops who’d investigated the case were not the ones O.J. had been inviting to the parties he’d hosted, unlike the rest of their colleagues.

I also think cops like Mark Furman had big problems with the fact that O.J. was a black man with wealth, who’d had the audacity to marry such a beautiful white woman.

The racism in Furman’s DNA surfaced during the trial.

And, the mishandling of the blood was also suspect, in my opinion.

The police’s failure to find more blood evidence, or any bloody clothing that belonged to O.J. had also helped to convince me of his innocence.

There was just no evidence that the prosecution presented that convinced me, or the jury, of his guilt.

So, who do I think did it?

I think the role actress Faye Resnick played in this unresolved mystery was buried during the trial, and that police didn’t investigate her well enough.

Resnick was reported to have had a serious drug problem.

In fact, her reported drug use and drug debt had been so heavy, the dentist boyfriend she’d been living with had kicked her to the curb.

And, at that point, I read the dentist had gotten tired of paying her drug bills.

After that, she had gone to stay with her friend Nicole Brown Simpson.

Subsequently, the day of the infamous murders, Resnick was reportedly in a rehab facility, attempting to kick her alleged drug habit.

In my opinion, I think the drug dealers may have found out where Faye had been living, and had come to call on her to collect a debt.

Then, after knocking on her door, which Nicole may have answered, they were told Faye was not there, but that she was in rehab.

The drug dealers probably then assumed Nicole was lying, and attempted to enter the home, and search for Resnick.

And, because her children were home, I believe Nicole probably did what any mother would have done, instinctively, and tried to block those drug dealers from entering her home.

She may have been afraid they would not only harm her, but her children, as well.

After Nicole’s attempt to block them, the deed was probably done, and not by one, but two individuals.

I believe Ron Goldman simply arrived at the wrong time, and was in the wrong place, for sure.

However, because he’d had the potential of being a witness, and had probably seen the faces of the perpetrators, he too had become a victim.

One of the other reasons I’d thought that O.J. was innocent, was because, during the trial, it had been revealed that he’d visited Nicole’s house one night, unbeknownst to her, and had seen her being intimate with one of his friends, after peeking into her front window.

Let’s not forget that O.J. is a passionate Black man, and one whom I believe also loved his kids.

It was probably going through his mind at that point that his kids were probably upstairs while he’d seen Nicole on the couch being intimate with another man.

Now, if he didn’t kill, or attempt to assault her THEN; I don’t believe he ever did.

Witnessing that act would have been the one thing that sent him over the edge.

Yet, he did nothing.

Was O.J. an abusive man? Did he assault his wife?

Did they have problems in the marriage with domestic violence??

I have no doubt that all of the aforementioned may have been true.

But, did he actually take a knife to his wife? I think not.

Men who abuse women, in my unqualified opinion, are true cowards.

Many are certainly unpredictable, and walk on the dark side, while attempting to hide the world that lurks inside of them.

Consequently, the women they live with, or who they are married to, often live in fear, or are too embarrassed to admit they have an abusive mate or husband.

Their manly appearances and expensive toys may perhaps camouflage the fact that they are really just little girls in grown mens’ bodies.

I don’t have a clue what triggers their rage.

However, usually, men who abuse women seldom confront real men.

They are the most cowardly men walking the face of the earth.

If Nicole had been shot, I might feel differently, but there was just too much blood found at the scene, and there should have been more than a drop of blood found on a pair of socks.

The blood that police tried to connect to O.J. had no doubt been placed there by corrupt LAPD officers.

Of course, I recognize that everyone has an opinion, and that most people couldn’t care less about O.J. Simpson, so long after the initial trial.

But, it’s the possible release of O.J. that has generated the renewed question of whether he was guilty or not.

And, since the conspiracy theorist in me seldom sleeps, nothing has changed my mind, to date, or happened to make me think anything other than the fact that OJ did not do it!!  What do you think?

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