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Straight No Chaser: Orchids and Onions

Op/Ed By Gloria Winston Al-Sarag


gloria_winston_al-sarag2Orchids: To Mayor Lovely Warren, Sen. Chuck Shumer, and Congresswoman Louise Slaughter for whatever part they played in Rochester being selected to become a national photonics hub. This will be a real opportunity to not only boost the economic climate, but create additional employment opportunities. I just love my mayor!

Onions: To whomever is responsible for 28-year-old Sandra Bland being found dead in a jail cell in Texas, after a routine traffic stop.

Orchids: To social media activists and advocates for bringing Sandra Bland’s story to light, refusing to ignore the circumstances, and asking the right questions.

Onions: To the speed demons always in a hurry, and who will recklessly and possibly illegally pass you, just so they can meet you at the next stop light.

Orchids: To Derick Gramling the fitness guru and trainer who recently returned to the boxing arena, and won a match in Albany upon his return.

Orchids: To those decent human beings who take the time to check on their elderly neighbors when the temperatures rise, or fall to dangerous proportions.

Onions: To those folks who were crying the blues when unemployed, but when given an opportunity to work, spend too much time on Facebook complaining about their jobs, and admitting to watching a clock as opposed to doing their jobs. Ingrates!

Onions: To the Family Dollar at 4415 Dewey Ave. who took took ETHNIC products off their shelves a year ago. Maybe ETHNICS should boycott, and no longer spend their money there.

Orchids: And a shout out to ALL the LEOS who have had a positive impact on my life. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my grand-daughter Tiffany Taggart, Christine Johnson, Karen Cook, Sis-in-law Lillie Winston, Constance Mitchell-Jefferson, P.J. Winston, Brother Garson (Gary) Winston, Annette Carol Jarvis, and J-Lo, Jennifer Lopez (born on the same day as the kid).

Orchids: To my brother-from-another-mother, Leo, DJ Dana Bratcher, who allows me to celebrate my birthday when he celebrates his. To me, he is probably one of the most giving and unselfish human beings to walk the face of the earth.

Onions: To people who assume they are SO important, that every message you post on social media is about them. Get a life and stop flattering yourself.

Orchids: To the NEW BLOOD that has entered the political arena. Namely, Ernest Flagler-Mitchell, Bobbi Flagler, LaShay Harris, LaShana Boose and Vince Felder. All are running for County Legislative seats; take the time to VOTE for them.

Orchids: To Doc Leonard Brock, on his recent appointment, leading a major charge under the umbrella of the United Way that is expected to have an impact on poverty.

Orchids: To Roland Williams and his consistent efforts to help improve some of the young minds in his hometown, Rochester.

Onions: To the ministers who allow themselves to be EGO (Easing God Out) driven as opposed to uniting amongst themselves before attempting to lead anything. Every effort does not call for a PRESS CONFERENCE.

Onions: To the D&C columnist who recently tried to throw shade on the city of Rochester’s communications office. I don’t know if it was a coincidence or not that the columnists shared the last name of the former communications director, but, I found it interesting the criticism came AFTER she left. Get a grip!

Onions: To folks who find it necessary to constantly use Faceboook, Twitter or other social media outlets as a personal diary. I don’t care what you are watching on TV, or what you cooked for dinner. Get a life, why doncha?

Orchids: To folks who do not run over bicyclists refusing to use the bike lines on city streets and riding in the middle of  traffic lanes. And how about those who wear dark clothing at night, with no lights or reflectors on their bikes? They have been blessed and highly favored not to have kissed the front bumper of someone’s car.

Onions: To those folks who rent apartments, and act like they bought a house by entertaining, playing loud music, or games in a parking lot, totally disregarding the privacy of their neighbors.

Onions: To those who fail to remember that I will be 70 years old July 24th. J-Lo and I are celebrating on the same day.

Orchids: To Sister Grace on her 80th birthday. She has always been a champion of the homeless, and poor, for as long as I can remember. God Bless You, Sister!

Orchids: To Sandy Frankel, Brighton Town Supervisor, and a friend of the people. She is leaving no stone unturned in her bid for county executive. She earned my support and respect long ago, especially coming out to support the public defender issue in the freezing cold.

Orchids: To my youngest granddaughter Brianna Taggart, who will be a senior this fall, and is entering the 12th grade, with 27 credits toward graduation. It is my understanding she only needs 22 to graduate. Great job!

Onions: To those foolish enough to believe the removal of a rebel flag is going to change the thought patterns and beliefs that perpetuate RACISM in America.

Orchids: To Mayor Lovely Warren, for all of the activities City Hall is sponsoring focusing on children this summer. From reading programs to nutrition, the level of sensitivity to those who need the most has been duly noted. The concentration, and cultural diversity, in music has also been noteworthy, from the RPO, to Summer Fest, and beyond. I just love my mayor!