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Straight No Chaser: Orchids and Onions

Op/Ed By Gloria Winston –


gloria newOrchids: To everyone who came out to vote in the September primary. We showed up and showed out!! I hope we have the same enthusiasm for the Nov. 7 general election. It ain’t over until the fat lady sings!!! Let’s not take it for granted that our mayor will win re-election. Make sure you are a part of making that happen.

Orchids: To the Black Agenda Group (BAG) and their leadership. I don’t do meetings any more, because most of them should just be emails. However, I was happy to attend one I was recently invited to as an elder. When I was given an opportunity to see what they have accomplished QUIETLY, as a unit, over the last two years, it brought tears to my eyes. We don’t always have to hold a press conference to accomplish what we need to in this community. I am proud to say I love and respect you all.

Onions: To those who have continued to spread hate, propaganda, misunderstanding, and racism via social media; the really ignorant ones, like #45, who don’t want to accept the reason our movement, and the call to boycott the NFL is even happening.

Orchids: To Rodney Virgo Brown, and the launching of his publication, the Southwest Tribune. We need more voices in our community. The more voices we have, like the Minority Reporter, Our Voice Magazine, Break Thru Magazine, and Upstate Gospel Magazine, the more opportunities we will have to tell our own stories, and to stop relying on the enemy to tell our truth. They never will! Now, can we stop begging the white media to tell our stories, and use our own resources to do so?

Orchids: To everyone who won the right to become an official candidate on the November ballot. Everyone I supported WON, with the exception of two former candidates for city school board. I still think Sabrina LaMar and Cecelia Golden would have been better choices for the board than the two incumbents. I will write in their names in November, before I even consider voting for the two clowns who should be ashamed of their lack of progress as school board commissioners.

Orchids: To Ernest Flagler Mitchell, who is a true man of God, Keia’s husband, a father, current Monroe County Legislator, and community servant, for his retirement from the Rochester Fire Department. More will follow, I am sure.

Onions: To the ignorant voters who consistently return incumbents to the school board that are doing NOTHING. Ignorant voters will continue to allow them to sit in seats they do not deserve.

All they are doing is collecting pay checks. Our schools and children are STILL failing. What will it take to get those losers away from the table?

Onions: To all the sick people in this world who are abusing and murdering our children. The recent local trial, which found a girlfriend guilty of killing her boyfriend’s daughter, and then refusing to take her to the hospital, was just too sad for words. There are far too many people who want children, who would love and nurture them, to find harming one acceptable!

Orchids: To Texas Congressman Al Green, and California Congresswoman Maxine Waters, for keeping the IMPEACHMENT possibility alive and well.

Onions: To all HATERS!! I’m so sick of the PROPAGANDA ,and criticism of the NFL players who look like me!! Wake up, brothers and sisters. If you are working for someone else, you too are a SLAVE……stop hatin’ on these NFL brothers who have achieved their life-long goals to be ATHLETES. Most of you who have so much to say are straight up failures in your own lives!!! Many of you can’t keep a woman, or a job!! Right, wrong, or indifferent, let me see you get PAID millions to do something you love. I have no respect for HATERS, and bitter, so-called BLACK men who wish they were these men. You sit up in your community, and watch kids get mis-educated, killed, and have nothing to say. So, take several seats HYPOCRITES!!! And, the same goes for your negative comments about good-looking men with well-groomed beards….STOP HATIN’!! It’s not a good look!! IJS.

Orchids: To Hanif Abdul Wahid, Jackie Dozier, Melanie Funchess, Jackie Campbell, Jerome Underwood, Lomax Campbell, Donald Hardaway, Sherita Bullock, and Dr. Leonard Brock for being a collective of strategic warriors that is focused on fighting the real battles in our community.

Orchids: To Stacy Wilwither, a former Rochesterian who is now living in Atlanta, GA, and, after many trials and tribulations, has finally kept a promise to her father, James “Mamba” McCuller. She recently graduated from college after promising him 36 years ago that she would do so.

Orchids: To my Alabama cuzzies and brothers, Bobby and P.J. Winston, who have both landed roles in the movie being made about the life of Chucky Mullins. Mullins was a former football player who was injured at Ole Miss. He grew up in Russellville, Alabama.

Onions: To the ignorance and stupidity coming out of the mouth of #45. Someone just told me he did not even know that Puerto Rico was a U.S. state. We all know he has delayed help just because Puerto Rico’s population is Latino, and because they represent a culture that hardly supported him for POTUS.

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