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Straight No Chaser: Orchids and Onions

Op/Ed By Gloria Winston –


gloria newOrchids: To everyone who remains loyal to themselves and to others. Don’t worry about the Judases, they will be revealed, and ultimately they will fall flat on their faces. Always remember, those who are digging a hole for others to fall into need to dig two holes, because the other one will be for them. Just ask “0 for 2!!”

Orchids: To our young, intelligent, educated, sensitive Mayor Lovely Ann Warren (Granison). I am so proud of her. So far, the ugliness in politics has not managed to change her, or her love for her family, and her community. She manages to balance being a good wife and mother pretty well.

Onions: To the grown men and women who prey upon and mistreat our babies. Recently, one pedophile was found dead in his cell, with his private parts severed from his body. I really don’t condone violence, but it couldn’t have happened to a better person. Sexually assaulting a baby? There are too many grown women out here giving it away on platters. Why an innocent baby? What kind of coward was that?

Orchids: To my straight-A granddaughter Brianna Taggart, who is in her sophomore year at the U of R. Being a book worm does pay off, in the end. Her major is Psychology. I’m proud of you, please stay focused!!

Orchids: To my surrogate family, the McClary’s. If there were a prize being given for being a supportive and loving family, they would be at the top of the list to recieve it. Anyone who knows them knows exactly what I mean. Fredo does not go against the family!!

Orchids: to Khadija Yawn, and company. The hustle in her is forever. Her big heart continues to look out for the least of us during the holiday season. And, the support she’s received from good folks like Tracy L. Williams, and other sponsors, is also noteworthy.

Onions: To those who are criticizing P. Diddy, Puff Daddy, Sean Combs,or whatever he is calling himself these days, for announcing his intent to buy the North Carolina Panthers football team, and possibly hire Colin Kaepernick. I have seen far too many negative comments coming from folks who look like him. I would not expect all of America to support his proposal, but sooner or later we are going to  have to recognize what other cultures have that we don’t – it’s called UNITY! We have enough wealth to own our own football league in our community!!

Orchids: To Doug Jones winning the controversial Senate seat in Alabama recently. Republican Roy Moore probably still has yet to concede to being defeated. News reports have attributed the voter turnout amongst black women as being responsible for the historic win.

Onions: To the number of black faces interviewed in Alabama after they voted, regarding the record turnout amongst black voters. I was appalled by the number of voters who claimed this was their first time voting. Just let that sink in a minute. FIRST TIME. In 2017, Frederick Douglass, Fannie Lou Hamer, Susan B. Anthony, Medgar Evars and others who marched, died, and were jailed for the right to vote must be upside down in their graves right about now.

Onions: To the scorned moms who’ve used their children as pawns. Some men who may have custody of their children do the same thing, but it’s seemingly more often the mother who violates custody agreements and lies when she’s asked why. These kinds of parents, either mothers or fathers, have not begun to realize the emotional damage they’re causing their children with their constant refusal to do what is right for their kids. This is why we need to be very careful when we decide with whom to have our children. Far too many times, when the man moves on to another woman, the child’s mother becomes bitter, because she believes she was all that and a bag of chips and some dip to a man, although she has quickly found out otherwise.

Onions: To those folks who have continued to file frivolous lawsuits against city staff. Has anyone else noticed that the lawsuits which question and make suggestions of impropriety have been directed at BLACK elected officials only? Hmmmmm. I wonder why that is? The person filing the lawsuits is obviously fighting mental health issues, and still has yet to criticize any Republicans.

Orchids: To Danny Wegman, his daughter, or whoever is responsible for groceries being delivered via Wegmans. It is the best thing since ice cream, especially on those days when SNOW has factores in to traveling anywhere. So far, the experience has been wonderful. I’ve found customer service is not a dying art, when it comes to these well-trained folks. And, although tipping is not mandatory, so far it has been well-deserved.

Orchids: To the rumors that I am hearing at the swap meet about the possible return of “The Charleston House.” I hope those rumors are true. I miss my Charleston Wings, immensely.

Orchids: And, congratulations to my Alabama cuz, Lucious Siran Winston, who recently became an official Harlem Globetrotter. Give him a shout out when they come to Rochester Feb. 10.

Orchids: To James Sheppard, for recognizing that the election is over, and accepting his defeat like a grown man. He’s definitely shown class, as opposed to some others who have been trying to keep their names in the media. The individuals who are not qualified to be dog catchers, and who are sore losers, are the most sickening people on planet earth, in my opinion. Hey “0 for 2,” you LOST. Go take several seats.

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